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Country Discussion Topics
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Off grid living
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Thomas S.    Posted 01-07-2004 at 17:04:45       [Reply]  [Send Email]
WOW! I had no idea that this message board is so active. The number of response's to my original message was unexpected to say the least. For those of you that might like to know more about how to have electricity without the power companies, a really good place to learn the details and see examples of people living off grid, as well as links to find prices is Some of the better prices I have found are at and one can also learn more about RE (renewable energies) at these stores. I am in no way affiliated with any of these places. Now that, thats out of the way. It wasnt easy making the change to off grid and it wasnt cheap. A lot of mistakes were made and still are from time to time, but thats life. I do not claim or even imply that I am better than anybody else because I live off grid. If I gave that impression I apologize, it was unitentional. When I make statements about how people live on our Earth I include myself. I burn gasoline, I buy products without investigating the corporations the are responsible for that product, I could go on and on with this, but I spare you all, and simply say that, I am human. Has anybody else noticed that having electricity (as we know it today) has accomplished only one substantial thing? A dependence on electricity. Dont get me wrong. I am not against electricity. I know a lot of people who use it. I am an electrician. Its my responsibility (as well as others) to insure that it is made availible for use by people in a safe manner. But the dependence that has developed on electricity, in my opinion, is borderline to addiction. I have study kinesics (how to read body language) on my own for a time. In some ways it can tell you what a person is thinking even though they are saying something opposite. Dependence on a substance, we have all seen it in others, or have felt it ourselves. If you take a good look at, and really listen to the advertsiments made by the vast majority of corporations that offer us thier products, the one thing they are not advertising is a way to live without thier product. Of course we have the freedom to choose, to buy or not to buy. Or do we. What happens when we are bombarded with ads everywhere we look. How many of dont know what a Coke is, or a Big Mac for example? There are times when I feel compelled to visualize how we are not that much different than the Hebrew slaves of Ancient Egypt. Only instead of making bricks of mud and straw and building temples and pirymids for the Pharoah(s) we are generating revenues$ But for who? The multi billionares? Who?

Sid    Posted 01-07-2004 at 18:43:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
I am one who had some questions and comment on your previous post and enjoyed the other comments made. I did not get that you where coming of "Holier Than Tho" just someone litle us know some of your ideas. I have thought for a long time as soon as the Politicians figure how to tax the sun and the wind those types of genrators will become pretty cheap. I have a question that you might be able to help me with. At one time I read about solar powered battry chargers. How feasible would it be to hook them up to battries to provide water for a few head of livestock. Or would that be overworking them?

Willy-N    Posted 01-07-2004 at 18:29:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
As far as advertizing on TV they do not make any money off me! I can't even remember what they were selling or said when it is over. It seems when they come on I just blank them out. I can't live off the grid my wife works at home and run 3-10,000 watts @ 240Volt ovens and enought solar power banks to run them would bankrup me. Pay back is real hard to do going solar. I figured it out at the fair this year and for what a bank would cost to produse a few amps I would have to use it for at least 25 years to break even and I bet I would have to replace them befor that. When they start selling them cheap enought I may buy into it but for the money the grid is so much cheaper to use. I also was a electrician for over 30 years and have seen them come a long ways and heard a lot of sales pitches on them but the time is not right for them for most homes. A cabin or just a few lights it works but you have to use other sourses for heat, drying cloths, cooking and good refrigeration not a little 12" square box freezer like my neibor has that runs off a bank and cost 10 times what my large chest freezer I have a couple of cows in. I want to be able to take a long shower if I want and then the rest of the family would like to do the same and what it would take to build a collector to do that? Well you get the idea and winter can be hard on the panels, no sun days or heavy over cast that is another issue. Storage battrys, fumes, replacing them, voltage drop problems, inverters wearing out, large storage systems for hot water, the list goes on and on. High winds can also do a number on your system, cleaning snow off it during storms ect. Now a good Hydrogen Fuel Cell System will interest me when they get them perfected. Not putting you down just saying it is not as good as it sounds yet or dependable to me. Mark H.

deadcarp    Posted 01-07-2004 at 18:59:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
there are some things that i won't buy if i see lotsa ad money pushing them. let's face it, if something is doing well, the producer wouldn't need to waste ad money. then doesn't an ad campaign also imply that if there is something awful to hide or the closer the wolves are snapping, the faster they wanna dump it?

i won't ever take lipitor again for example - for whatever good it did, that crap weakened me til l i could barely walk - didn't know what was going on til i ran outa drugs and felt better - swore off it and by golly those muscles are darn near coming back right now! and they never tell you there are cheaper generics available.

what kind of car dealership stays in business for 40 years and keeps letting his purchasing department order way too much inventory? if he runs that loose a ship, i sure wouldn't trust his cars, i'll tell ya that!

and take the silly bayer ads - truth is, aspirin is aspirin. nope, ads are expensive, they're there for a purpose and that purpose probably ain't you. :)

btw, you're the millionth person to read this post so here's a cyber balloon! now looky here ---

Dieselrider    Posted 01-07-2004 at 17:26:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
Who are the people who bebefit from products that make it possible for you to live off grid?
Also if you are using total solar, wind or hydro power that is one thing but, if you use diesel or gas or gasoline to generate your electric then you are doing more harm to the environment than those buying their power from the electric companies.

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