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Country Discussion Topics
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Supreme court case how do you feel?
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dave    Posted 01-13-2004 at 09:55:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
Today the Supreme court will hear a case where a disabled Tennessee man is sueing the state over an access issue.The man was arrested for a traffic violation and the courthouse where he was to appear was not handicapped accessibile He had to crawl up steps to be in the courtroom.He was told to report at a later date and when he refused to crawl again he was given a ticket for failure to appear in court.Unless you live in a wheelchair I do not think anyone can really know what it must be like.I have a 16 year old son who has been in a wheelchair since old enough to use one because of CP. I can not begin to tell you what we have gone through.Everything from being told he would have to crawl on the school bathroom floor because they did not want to make the door opening large enough for his chair to assigning him to the second floor of his school with no way to get there da!! We have fought and fought and with new school administers things are going great.He has a 95+ average and he just cannot use his legs.We have been thinking of a move to maybe Tn. where there is less of the harsh winters that we get here in upstate NY.I know there are some on this board from Tn. please tell me that this is not how you all feel. How do the rest of you feel about this?

Mark in MO    Posted 01-13-2004 at 11:37:20       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I don't know about Tennessee, but here in Missouri everything has to be Wheelchair Accessable. I think our Winters are milder than in Upstate NY and you are welcome anytime. Good luck to your son, he is one of America's true Heros.

Mark Hill

Ron/PA    Posted 01-13-2004 at 10:56:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
Kinda laughing, yet crying at this. Our entire borough has a population of 400 the village center has a population of about 175. We are the 2nd Largest "Borough" in the state.
The state board of elections approached the only church in the borough, also the only public building with, heat, water, and restrooms. They asked if they could set up polls in the social hall. Church said yes. State said that no church activity could happen on election day, the church said that no election could be held on a church activity day,,, state said OK!
Finally the state said, "Hold on a minute, you don't have Handicap accessible, or AWDA approved entrances!!!!
Church said, take your polls elswhere! State said awwww, don't worry about it here's the paperwork.
When you see a congregation of 20 on a snowy sunday morning, ya just gotta wonder how they can pay for all the improvements.
We'll carry anyone in that wants in, one young fellow refused, claimed that he'd be humiliated.
Sooo we carried the voting machine out. He hasn't been back since.

dave    Posted 01-13-2004 at 11:21:50       [Reply]  [No Email]
Ron carrying the machine out was the right thing to do We all realize that all buildings cannot be ramped or have elevators. There are ways to help people like my son but everyone has to work together.That person was not there to vote only to give people a hard time.

Ron/PA    Posted 01-13-2004 at 11:33:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
Exactly, if not, he would have applied for an abentee ballot.
However we did shame him into buying some baked goods from the alter guild's bake sale.

ALIAS    Posted 01-13-2004 at 10:38:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
What you need to remember is that Tn was where they held the Stokes-Monkey Trial. Maybe the people at the court house in question believe that if God wanted them to have handicap ramps they would have been born with them. gfp, born and raised in Carter County, tn.

Salmoneye    Posted 01-13-2004 at 10:21:58       [Reply]  [No Email]
Dunno about TN, but here there would have been a ramp...

Heck...The city of Vergennes just last year forced the Mainstreet merchants to pay the city to make their shops accessible...

Good to know that if you are in a wheelchair (or a Hover-Round) you now have access to the Liquor Store...

Special Needs students here are provided their own care-giver free of charge...

HEY...Maybe Dean isn't that bad after all...

WHAT AM I SAYING...ARghhhhhh........

cowlady    Posted 01-13-2004 at 10:20:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
My neice has CP. She is in the Tupelo Ms. school system. Without them, I don't think she would be doing as well as she is. I have heard Mississippi has the worst schools in the US, but they have provided physical therapy, transportation, accessible class rooms. Most importantly, encouragement for her to participate in extra curricular club activities, and a student tutor to help her with writing and physical needs.

New train of thought...I worked for several years in the public school system. In the early 90's I prepared the Federal Americans with Disabilities report for our school. At that time the concern was towel bars, grab bars, stairways, ramps, restroom access, etc. 2 years ago, I did the report again. It took several weeks of intense record search and the thrust of the reporting was dividing the students into racial, economic, and gender catagories. Then comparing these students by disipline incidences, and sports activities. Giving me reason to think the Feds believe that race, income and gender can be your disability. While that may have a seed of truth I believe we are way off base as to the original intent of the ADA.

Sorry 'bout the soap box! Dave, I wish you success in finding the means to provide your child with an enriched life!

Taylor Lambert    Posted 01-13-2004 at 19:55:39       [Reply]  [No Email]
Cowlady what school in Tupelo does your neice attend. I have a cousin that goes to school there. Its a good school to be in with a disability. My old college teacher's daughter has to use braces to walk and he knows how hard the new highschool is to get around in. He may let he attend school at Tupelo

Ron,Ar    Posted 01-13-2004 at 10:11:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
If any of us has to follow the Americans With Disabilites Act, all of us do. Period. Our courthouse has a wheelchair elevator on the stairs but no ramp on the outside steps. Go figure.

Rowdy yates    Posted 01-13-2004 at 10:28:21       [Reply]  [No Email]
Better hope the electris doesn't go out when the building catches fire!

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