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The Lesson
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TO35    Posted 01-18-2004 at 07:26:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
ďThe LessonĒ

It was a cool Saturday Morning and I had just finished the day chores when Mom came out to take me to town to buy me the new pair of boots I needed. I had just turned fifteen and growing up on the farm I knew boots would serve me better than city shoes. On the way to Freelanders dept. store Mom asked me again you sure you want boots? Yes I replied there tuff and I don't mind wearing them to school, besides all the guysís have them too.
As we entered the shoe dept. at Freelanders the sales lady approached and asked may I help you today? I smiled and said yes'mam I need a new pair of boots. She directed us over to the boots section and I started looking intensely, immediately I spotted a pair of Ga. Wellington workboots Ma I hollered here they are.
Ma glanced over and said Robert those are steel toes you don't need them. Steel toes...huh? I asked
Yep those are work boots for men they keep your toes from being mashed around equipment and such.
But Ma I need those as she peered at the price tag, there expensive she said, quickly I reminded her I had worked all summer at the chicken barn and Had my own money to spend this time. After a good look over Mom said well ok if youíre sure try them on. As I slipped the on I noticed they were stiff but felt like I was walking on air. Ok Mom I'm done I want these.
We headed back home. After we put up the other small things we bought while shopping I hit the door running and was going to break in my new boots. My cousin Steve was the first person I ran across and he says mmmm looks like you got some new boots, yep I grinned still staring at them...he asked arenít they those new steel toes? Yes I said. Well have you tried them out to see if they actually work...huh I says...well they supposed to protect you toes from getting squashed...yep, but no I have not tried them out. How do you do that? He says come on to the barn I know how. We get in the barn and Steve grabs the big mallet off the wall and says put'em up here on the stump hesitantly Ok I says. Then with all his might he whacked me right on the toes.... haaaaaaa I didnít feel a thing. We both stood there marveling at them then I hear Granddads tractor approaching, Steve left running home as Granddad cut the tractor off and asked what are you doing June bug (his pet name for me) well I'm trying out my new boots, he glares down and says looks like city boy shoes. Well the quick thinker I was I spouted back they are real tuff and I bet you a coke you can run over them with your tractor and it won't even hurt boldly thinking to my self ha I 'm finally going to get one over on Grand Pop. Ok itís a bet he spouts back, come over here. He fires up the little farm-all and looks at me as I approach with just a tad of fear in my eyes. Well he spouts put it up here. I ease my right foot near the front tire being ever so careful to get that steel toe just perfect under the edge, Grand Pop inches forward and right on top, Whew I'm thinking not feeling a thing. I look up with a great big smile on my face as Granddad shuts the tractor off kind of amazed with a smile, mmm he mutters they are tuff. He climbs down and walks around glaring at me and my foot under the tractor tire. As he stood there he mutters ok you win, and turns and walks off leaving me standing there basking in the glory thinking how hard it was to coax and actually win a bet from Granddad. Then I thought why was he smiling so big as he walked away ohhhh no I mutter to myself as I realize my foot and my new Ga. workboots are still pinned under the tire. I try every which way I can to get out from under it but I can't budge. After what seemed like an hour, real time about 15 minutes I look back at the door to the barn and there stands granddad holding a coke and almost busting with laughter.
Kind of hot he says here's your coke as he walks over and knocks the tractor out of gear and rolls it off my new boots
June bug he says nice boots you have there, Iíve had mine for over a year, work pretty good too donít you think?
I looked down at his and then it dawned on me his were steel toes to, just a different style.
Moral of the story ď You have to get up pretty darn early to pull one over on GranddadĒ

Even though Granddad is gone now I never tried to get one over on him again.


KellyGa    Posted 01-18-2004 at 11:55:41       [Reply]  [No Email]

ALIAS    Posted 01-18-2004 at 07:35:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
Very good story. Please write another.

future.......(As apposed to later)...gfp

Yep....    Posted 01-18-2004 at 07:41:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
another good one, maybe even better than the last one. Send this to Countryside magazine! Do you have microsoft word? If not I'll be happy to help you.


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