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Country Discussion Topics
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I have got to see this movie
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KraigWY    Posted 01-26-2004 at 08:02:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
Subject: Mel Gibson's new movie about Christ (fwd)

> If you haven't heard about Mel Gibson's "The Passion
> Of The Christ" movie that's coming out Feb 25, 2004,
> you should read on. If you have, you should read on.
> Below are 2 emails, one from Christine Nockels and
> one from Lisa Bevill (both Christian recording
> artists) who attended a private screening of the
> movie in TN. Please read both of these and then
> seriously consider getting some advanced tickets to
> this thing. Also, forward this to family, friends,
> and church friends that may be interested in hearing
> about his movie. It's important that we all try to
> go see the movie within the first two weeks to let
> Hollywood know that we support this type of work.
> --------------------------------------------------
> Hello friends and family,
> Nathan and I wanted to share with you that we were
> able to attend a private screening of the new Mel
> Gibson film titled "The Passion Of The Christ" this
> past Monday night. We unexpectedly got on the list
> to go and view it at First Baptist Church,
> Hendersonville, TN. Neither of us were really
> prepared for what we viewed. It's really hard to
> find the words to tell you how life-changing this
> film was for both of us.
> First of all, Nathan and I felt completely out of
> place. We got in somehow through Don Donahue (thank
> you Don) but most of the crowd was the Country Music
> Industry...artists, radio and press. Ricky Scaggs
> sort of hosted the event.
> This movie changed our lives forever. The room was
> full of the sound of weeping and loud sobbing,
> including our own. I told Nathan on the way home
> that I only wish that I would have seen it as a
> young teen.
> It is so fitting that the whole movie begins with a
> black screen with the text of Isaiah 53:5, "But He
> was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised
> for our iniquities , the chastisement for our peace
> was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed".
> I've attached an e-mail below from Lisa Bevill who
> attended the viewing as well. She very beautifully
> describes the experience of viewing the film and
> then getting to have a question and answer time with
> Mel Gibson himself.
> (PLEASE take time to read it because she goes into
> great detail about the Q & A time that we had with
> was so cool.)
> The room was silent as the movie ended and even as
> Mel walked down the isle
> of the chapel people remained completely stunned by
> the film. After he was formally introduced, everyone
> stood and applauded him loudly. He so graciously
> answered each question, and was very candid with us.
> It was very apparent, though there was a huge
> absence of "christian lingo" coming from his mouth
> (breath of fresh air...thank you) that he has a deep
> relationship with God, he believes that Jesus is the
> Messiah, and that he's coming back to get his
> people.
> Mel and his small band of believers around him are
> asking the church to take on a "grass roots"
> approach to this film. They are asking us to tell
> everyone we know about it... They are wanting
> artists to show the DVD trailer at concerts, to do
> pre-sales on tickets through churches and FOR
> matter that you go the first 2 weeks of opening
> which is FEB.25TH. It is so important!!
> I fell in love with Jesus on Monday night. Either
> for the first time, or all over again. It is so
> amazing that the same King who endured that cross
> and was broken for me, lives inside of me! I am in
> Him and He is in me. I cannot wait until Noah and
> Elliana are young teens so that we can let them view
> this movie.
> Please pray for Mel Gibson. Pray for protection for
> he and his family. Pray that God would pour back on
> him 100 fold what he spent on this movie so that
> the major warfare that has been going on over this
> movie. He also told us about several miracles and
> conversions that happened throughout the making of
> this film. (Lisa tells about these in the letter
> below) So amazing...
> Anyway, we just wanted you to know about this so
> that you can have a huge part in the success of this
> film! Lisa gives out the website info as well below.
> You can put a link to it on your website and you can
> also request promotional materials from their
> website as well.
> Blessings to all of you in the name of our Lord!
> Christy and Nathan Nockels
> (E-mail from Lisa is below)
> -------------------------------------------
> Hey friends and family,
> Last night I attended a private screening of Mel
> Gibson's movie.....12/8/2003, at Ricky Skaggs'
> church in Hendersonville. I attended with Bonnie and
> Brent King. There were about 200 people in
> attendance.
> Well,....let me just say that I am speechless,
> moved beyond words and sobered by what I saw last
> night. I'm sure many of you will be receiving emails
> from some of your friends who were there as
> well...and you'll probably be bombarded with their
> own personal stories..
> There were many country artists as well as Christian
> artists there, along side some radio and press
> folks. The movie was in a rough cut version...but
> still I thought a very finished state,...special
> effects had not been added yet, nor was the music
> complete....still it brought uncontrollable weeping
> from everyone.. I couldn't stop crying through the
> whole movie.
> And when the movie was over, there was complete
> silence in the church.. I wanted the story to go on
> and on...for another two hours.... I think the movie
> was about 2 hours long. It got started late, like
> around 7:30, and the next time I looked at my watch
> it was 10:30... so I actually don't even remember.
> There was a question and answer time with Mel
> Gibson himself, so who cared what time it was. Every
> moment of the movie was
> captivating,..breathtaking....still there are no
> words.
> The beating and suffering of Christ was almost
> unbearable to watch. The scenes with flashbacks of
> Jesus when he was a little boy and a scene of his
> mother running to comfort him and then cradling him
> in her arms after he had fallen down about the age
> of 4 or 5.....was interlaced with scenes of him
> falling to the ground carrying his own cross, so
> bloody and unrecognizable...and then her holding him
> in her arms after he had been taken down from the
> cross. Her face then stared into the camera while
> she was holding him...and you could just imagine the
> things she was thinking.
> Every parent who was seated near me ... fell apart.
> The nails being hammered into his hands was the most
> real thing I had ever seen. One scene of Jesus and
> the interaction with his mother...just reminded me
> of every 20-year old man/child and mom relationship.
> Where she's trying to get him to come to eat...and
> has to remind him to wash his hands before
> eating...she brings water to wash his hands..and
> after washing, he gently splashes water on his
> mother..but then wraps his arms around her and
> kisses her on the cheek....and takes off running to
> the food.. I don't just reminded me of
> something my 15 year old Cody would do to me.....
> And the thought of one of my boys going through
> that, just made me want to die inside...
> Anyway... I could go on and on....but I truly have
> no you can tell by the book I'm writing
> here....haa There was a question and answer period
> last night with Mel himself. We had heard rumors
> that he's been showing up to these screenings. I
> got brave enough to put my hand up and ask a
> question about the miracles that we had heard about,
> on the set.
> And he began to talk about so many I couldn't really
> keep track. I remember hearing about one of the
> actors being hit by lightning twice yet walking away
> from it..with only smoking fingertips, healings,
> conversions on the set,..but I especially remember
> him talking about a Two-year old child's, hearing
> and sight being restored...and he know
> you can't fake that when you're two. So we know it
> was real.
> He was asked about Spiritual warfare on the
> set...and he just laughingly said..."Oh yeah..just
> being in Italy alone was enough warfare,..but he
> said it was intense.
> He said that the bad press surrounding the
> just a few small pressure groups that are
> causing all the noise. But seem to have the loudest
> mouths. And that became the reason for having these
> small private to get the word out and
> to start a grass roots campaign into a swell.
> WOW....that sounds familiar. We all get the chance
> to be Christ's disciples all over again, in a fresh
> new way...
> Ricky Skaggs asked the final question of the night
> to Mel.....about how we can pray for him, help him,
> spread the word etc. He said that "prayer was the
> most powerful thing. And not to pray for all our
> enemies to have warts grow on their faces,
> laughter), but to pray for our warring angels to
> fight against satan's angels, because the people
> don't know any better, they are clueless...and they
> are just being used by satan." Christ on the big
> screen.
> It was mentioned to everyone in the crowd who were
> artists, press folks, radio..and such..anyone who
> had a get on a mailing> > list and sign
> up. That they would be sending links, so that
> everyone could put it on their websites,...there
> would be movie trailers that artists could take on
> tour with them, show at concerts....any type of
> promo material onproduct tables etc.
> They passed out a poster flyer last night as we
> left...and the official website address is
> This is the address they have on all promo materials
> for the movie.
> It was a little easier to see the trailer on this
> it was equipped for all computers video
> capabilities. You can go to this website and
> register to find out more info on how to help. This
> other site that is listed will just give you more
> info on press stuff and more press on the miracles
> that happened.
> (fan site)
> The movie comes out February 25, 2004.. Ash
> theaters nationwide. And the movie's
> official title is The Passion of the Christ. Mel
> said that he spent 35 million of his own money to
> make this movie.
> Mel,.. I have to say is a man of the word! He
> knows the Bible..and is a sold-out believer. He said
> that this movie has been his passion for the past 12
> years....just 3 years ago did the Lord begin to give
> him landmark signs that now was the time to start
> filming the movie. He mentioned some of them...but
> one that stuck in my mind, was him saying that some
> random little old lady in France I think...came up
> to him and said something to him that nobody
> could've known, I don't know what she said to
> him..but he said the signs to get started on it,
> were unmistakable.
> Ok....well...I know that I am changed...and I pray
> that what I saw will be etched on my brain
> forever...and Lord, help me to never forget the
> price you paid for us all. Whenever I begin to
> argue, or complain....shut my mouth Lord. And help
> us all to remember,...we are not home yet...that
> heaven awaits all of us who believe in Him....and
> that we all have a part to play, a heart to share, a
> burden to carry...and a story of love and hope to
> spread....
> Thank you for the cross LORD! Make it a point to
> take your entire family to this movie!!!! I love you
> all....and have a blessed Christmas holiday if I
> don't see or talk to any of you before then...
> Lisa B.

Dave Smith    Posted 01-26-2004 at 13:04:09       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Remember it is just what it is, A movie. Hollywood can make anything look like what it is not.
As to Mel Gibson, He is not a mans, man he is a movie actor. Check him out.
Dave <*)))><

Les    Posted 01-26-2004 at 14:07:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
Your fish is dead and swimming the wrong way, Dave.

Dave Smith, hows this    Posted 01-26-2004 at 16:20:44       [Reply]  [Send Email]
><)))*< J

Stormie    Posted 01-26-2004 at 08:37:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
I knew I wanted to see this movie and now my anticipation is even greater. Thanks for sharing!


toolman    Posted 01-26-2004 at 10:28:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
i too have heard so much about this movie and what a wonderful an opportunity it would be to experience it,i too look forward to seeing it.

Cindi    Posted 01-26-2004 at 14:17:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
It may well be a wonderful movie but I lost interest at the 'you must go see it opening night! It is very important!'

To me that sounds like a sales gimmick. No offense, but a movie is rated by how many sales it makes on opening weekend and can have a direct influence on how many poepl go to see it afterward. Why do you think they show how much movies make every week? I'm sure it's a fine movie. If it's meant for me to see it, I will see it. Probably when it comes out on video.

atta girl    Posted 01-26-2004 at 18:20:58       [Reply]  [No Email]
with you on this one. Got to see it right now, yeah. But I will probably, no really, not see it till it hits tv, not a pay station either. Maybe.
Hate to have people tell me what I just have to do cause they like it, Good thinking Cindi

toolman    Posted 01-26-2004 at 16:01:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
since i haven,t been in a movie theather in years and have no plans of that changing anytime, video will be the only way i,ll be able to view it ,unless of course it ever gets to tv, still want to see it though.

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