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Country Discussion Topics
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As Long As I'm Down Here
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 02-03-2004 at 15:21:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
A multy imbarrasing situation has a risen its weary head about me. And, Murphy's law continually dogs myy very foot steps everywhere I go.
Day before yesterday just when i was figuring I had out paced him, moving the ground grain wagon and box into possition in front of the barn the left front wheel fell off, spindle and all. Ollie with hay forks and a chain I draged it up in front of the barn, where I make buckets as needed. Looking Good I climb down to find a couple tires to support the wagon and box for the week. The load to much for thr hyds I start for a jack to offer the tractor some help. About them the ice and snow, aa unseen slow melt, And some combination shifting of load and equipement I gat to see everthing excepting ollie slowy roll over onto the wagon-boxes face side. Chain to tight to release, to late in the day to start another project, generally disgusted and hardly interested in blowing a gasget I did the evening chores. All the new born peoblems I decided to sleep on.
A new dawn, a new day, I'm scooping the grain out of the box's top corner. Just barely enough room for this as the rest of the box top laid to rest mere inches from the barn. A couple bolts removed, a chain link ground out the wagon gear is in front of the shop. Can't grt it in. Another Ollie inside for engine overhaul. That was yesterday.
This morning the weather warming up.... Did you all get that...? The weather warming up the dry snow's no longer dry anymore. I decided to get ma a spent feed sack to kneel on to keep my knees dry. Dippen and draging grain and dippen again I start filling (making) buckets.
On my knees, I gat to thinking I could maybe use this time 2fold. While I'm down here perhaps i could say a little prayer. Problem. Been so long since I said even a little pray I'm sure I had forgotten how. I when all the way back to caticism. Didn't help. I tried remembering my alterboy adventures (err days). Thase thoughts weren't any help. Decided to just be thankful for all I got: my life for being born of my parents, thankfull for finding that single purpose for my life the girl I married, thankful for an opportunity to have raised a home full of boys`n'girls watching them grow, and this presious time I was alloted to remember.
So,I'm thinking maybe, just maybe I did find a prayer. A prayer of thankfulness to my God for all the blessing he had laid before me.
Moral: If'en you ain't asking it wouldn't hurt to be a thanking.

deadcarp    Posted 02-03-2004 at 15:55:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
well maybe the lord's reminding you to slow down fern, we don't need to plan that stuff ya know. if i read it right you have a half-dumped grainbox and teetery things can always change their minds so be careful. can't scrounge an auger anywhere handy can you? anything that relieves the top weight helps - even running it out a side panel for now. big mess but what's new? years ago i busted all the chains at once and dumped a bed with 17000 lbs of gravel on the tongue of a transfer box - not real pretty but it was darn sure down. and nobody under it. you shoulda seen the wheelies we did getting that thing coaxed off the road - expensive wheelies too. :)

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