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Old letter
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Lazy Al    Posted 02-05-2004 at 16:42:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
This is a letter that was written about 100 years ago by my great granddad to his daughter that he only seen at her birth .

My Dear Marian
I am in receipt of a letter mailed
July 6th purporting to have been written by
you and containing an invitation to
your wedding upon the 7th It is
couched in such language that
even though it comes from you it
would be impossible for me to accept
it. child I find it hard to believe
that your Father and dead Mothers
Daughter could inflict such needless
pain upon an "old Man" much less
upon one who has held you in tender
thought every day of your short life.
and who has dared to dream of the
time when he might meet you
in your mature age and perhaps have
some slight share in your respect and
esteem. but now however it seems
that the dream is never to be realized
for of course if this letter is authentic
I have no other course but to acquiesce
in your wishes. I am conscious of no
action on my part. Save, That to save your
life and relieve in part the heavy burden
that fell upon your sister Jennie upon
the death of your Mother and respecting
the last expressed wish of that Mother
I gave you into the care of those
who have given you all the love and
care that could have fallen to your lot
if you had been their very own. If that
is my fault it is one that you should
easily be able to forgive, for surely
your lines have fallen in pleasant places
Now child you are entering upon new
roads and assuming new duties and
perhaps in the years that are to come
you may see the faces of little ones grow
up around you and if you should ever
unfortunately come to the "parting of ways"
you will understand something of the
experience that your father has had to
under go and that has made him
an "Old man" some what before his
time, although his heart is still
young enough to sympathize with
all the troubles and to rejoice in the
pleasures of all his dear ones and now
to say good bye according to your wish
for all time and perhaps for eternity
as tenderly and as reverently as we
cover the faces of our dead from our
sight your Father in the flesh bids
you Good-bye forever.


Sid    Posted 02-05-2004 at 21:22:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
I can imagine the heartbreak that man must have suffered. Reading that reminds me I have so much to be thankful for.

Willy-N    Posted 02-05-2004 at 19:48:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
Great letter to keep in the family! I have some my mother and father wrote to each other. Now that they are gone I treasure them. Mark H.

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