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Country Discussion Topics
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Want a free winter freezer?
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Old Warrior    Posted 12-20-2001 at 11:58:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
Do you need extra freezer space during the holidays? Big enough for a coupla turkeys or a big roaster or leftovers? Well, if you live where it stays around freezing, why not make one?

Years ago, before electricity, we kept our wrapped meat in a covered vinegar barrel on the north side of the house. Trouble was - you had to dart outside for a package of meat. So this is simpler and handier yet.

You know that handy window where the air-conditioner was last summer? Make a similar-sized plywood box, fit it in there, screw it to the window-frame, fill it with casseroles and slam the door!

We cheated and used a stripped-out old window a/c shell,(with a hinged plywood door) but either way works. If you want a freezer, use a north window and put sheet-foam inside just the door. It will then stay as cold as outdoors.

If you'd rather have a refrigerator, line the whole thing with insulation. It will then stay halfway between outdoor temperature and house temperature.

Your utility bill won't change a bit, and it could save millions in freezer juice if enough people used one. :)

Trapper    Posted 12-20-2001 at 17:08:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
You have a good idea and it works well until about March. Then the sun gets too high after that
When I was a young lad many people had a meat box.
To store beef and it gneraly worked ok from Thanksgiving until March 15th. But you must have cold enoug weather to freeze the meat solid. In the old days we used clean saw dust for insulation. something we had a good supply of.

Hogman    Posted 12-20-2001 at 18:59:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
That sounds like a good system. We never tried anything like it. As I recall Our biggest problem was just keepin stuff from freezin in tha house.

We did have a summer cooler that worked fairly well. Dug a square hole on North side of house and kept butter,cream,milk,meat etc in it covered with a big square of bed sheet that was kept knda wet.

Everthing had to be sealed or a good tight lid to keep vermin out .. Course Ya had ta get down on Your knees ta use it but gettin on ones knees never hurts if its for tha right thing.

Burrhead    Posted 12-21-2001 at 12:48:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
Same here. We kept food in the ground or sawdust pile.

Them cured meats and cheese sure did taste good after they aged in a toe sack thru the winter.

It was heck to bust the ice skim off the water bucket so Mama would start breakfast. That Home Comfort wood cookstove had a water jacket that did'nt freeze so she used that water to start out but for coffee and washing our face and hands we had to use the water from the bucket.

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