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Country Discussion Topics
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Neighborhood drugs
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hobo joe    Posted 02-12-2004 at 03:46:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
We live in a fine community not unlike many that are speckled across the country. Rural, peaceful, and for the most part law abiding. The problem as of late is drug activity. To lay the story out-our neighbors mother-a good older christian woman (who you could not say enough about) died last year. She owned a trailer on one of her sons property. Now that sons brothers children ages 35 and 30 have moved into the trailer. Both of these fall way short of the family history and values. The 30 year old has a kid out of wedlock to a local drug head, the 35 year old needs to be under the jail. To help put in perspective when the older lady died neither came to the funeral-the lowest if you ask me. Well as many other people in society their coping mechanism with stress is drugs-well known. The issue for now is that these 2 boys have become very popular. Lots of strange vehicles, comings and goings, vistors etc. It is apparent that not only are they using drugs now they are selling them. This is a logical step for people who use illegal drugs-if you are going to have them in your possesion and take the risk of jail time -heck why not profit from it? Now my rental house has been attempted broken into. These people are coming in to buy drugs scoping out the neighborhood and are going to start picking some people clean. Somebody is going to get hurt- and in a way, the parents of the 2 kids will be responsible-not legally but morally. Of course why should our small community be insulated. It is just a shame that we as a country have let this problem compound and grow until now its uncontrollable. All in the sake of its not my business, what my neighbor does is not my business, what can I do?, etc. The local law enforcement refuse to become involved. Why? One is some are afraid for their lives and their families-one sheriff not to far from here was killed during re-election due to his stance on drugs. Two its almost political suicide to pursue the issue. You start as a local sheriff locking up drug users and you will be rode out of town on a rail. And three many reap the rewards if not directly then indirectly-recieving kickbacks to turn their heads, re-elction funds, favors from drug dealers, etc. Interseting to note that whenever their is a big drug bust in our local area the local law enforcement are never involved. To me that sends a clear message that the fed do not trust the locals. Of course the feds have there share of polluted officers to. Another local sheriff was rumored to run his re-election campaign from donations of a huge local drug dealer-that was later busted for cocaine distribution-an issue everyone knew about. Made me extremely mad-what can a sheriff like that say A-I didn't know he was doing it, when everyone did , so he looks like an uninformed idiot or B-say he did and did nothing which in essence is neglect and shows a total reckless irresponsibilty. Being a teacher for 11 years showed that the schools refuse to combat the problem. Most schools in this area refuse drug searches because they do not want to admitt they have drugs. Drug testing for atheletes-which is constitional-will never happen . Heck I beleive we would not have a local sports team if we did. Saw way too many students coming to class high and without the support of the adminstration you cannot do anything. Many use drugs the night before and cannot even keep their heads up, again classroom discipline is only as strong as the adminstration wants it to be. Too many people in education turn their heads. Of course we as a society have failed in the greater sense to lead by example and provide our children with the correct moral fiber to address these issues-look at the music we endorse. To make it short-too late now!-it is sad we are in this state in this contry when it comes to drug use. Prohibition will not work, criminalization does not work-anaylize our prision population and repeat offender statistics, legalization will not work, education will not work. In short no answer that is viable.

Change of hat..    Posted 02-12-2004 at 04:44:28       [Reply]  [No Email]
I like our State Troopers in my area. They seem to be able to handle situations to delicate for extremely local politics.
They're the ones we call to help solve our rural problems. Doing this we leave traffic control & EMT-ing up to the Sherif's Dept.
That's us.

bruce    Posted 02-12-2004 at 17:55:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
sounds like you have some kind of terrorist activity going on there??????

Les    Posted 02-12-2004 at 04:33:24       [Reply]  [No Email]
Same kind of thing goes on around here and the cops don't seem to care. Really rips my butt.

Hmm...    Posted 02-12-2004 at 04:57:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
I don't recommend anyone trying that here...People get testy now...

30 years ago I knew of a couple drug supermarket type places, but those days are long gone...

The Northern Drug Taskforce is just itching for someone to make an anonymous call...


Cindi    Posted 02-12-2004 at 04:22:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
We need a drug island. Kinda like Manhatten has a trash island. We need to take drug abusers over to this island and leave them there with an unlimited supply of drugs. Either they'll get their fill of drugs and try to find a way to straighten out and integrate back into society or they'll OD. Either way, problem solved.

If you give away the drugs then there will be no stealing to support the habit. If drugs are legal in this location there is no reason to have costly drug busts and raids and shoot-outs and searches. Confiscate drugs found on the mainland and give them away to the dopers on the island. Free.

whats the bad news?    Posted 02-12-2004 at 04:09:17       [Reply]  [No Email]

jeanette    Posted 02-12-2004 at 06:14:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
we have a huge meth problem here. it is sad to see what it has done to people.

deadcarp    Posted 02-12-2004 at 09:01:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
we did too, but a few old guys got fed up. (one of my boys had his tongue all cut up from the tinfoil so bad he was skinny. now he's in rehab.) anyway they told the cops every incident, name and address of everybody involved and insisted the cops clean it up. well they got help fom the state but finally busted them and hauled the crap away. shortly after that the place burned to the ground. next? :)

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