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Country Discussion Topics
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The wild goose
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r g    Posted 12-29-2001 at 17:43:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
yesterday in my travels, going to see a fellow sawmiller. happened to find a goose on a out back road. little fella ust standing there, road side. so i stop, this is a hurt goose, forced road side by the snow.
canadain ganders can be nasty- well any gander.
this feller is different, did not get bit
i have four graylags here, all pets.
this goose has a busted up wing, i need advice in meds. vet does not want to here anything bout a wild goose, spouts game laws, i do not want to hear game laws. only advice.
little fella knows he hurt, i have a soft spot, nothing more enjoyable then to rear a baby robin, see it find a mate leave in the fall, then return in the spring. called the critter shelter, phone # no longer in service.
the goose does preen alot, very calm with me, loves to be held,EATS very well.
the wing - hide got torn off some how looks to be healing well, but i can see the bone. bone has me worried. outer most is showing for a bit, thats all. this bird is grounded.
one thing that puzzles me? this one is wild, very alert, very well mannered. guess when ya need help- ya need help, are happy to get it

LazyHorse    Posted 12-29-2001 at 21:24:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
If you have a local farm supplier get some tetracyclene antibiotic that you add to water for chickens. Some folks try to put dressings on open wounds, etc. I've always found a daily dusting of any open areas with hydrated lime that you can get from a garden shop will heal em up faster and wont leave a bunch scar tissue so feathers or hair will grow back OK. As long as he has a good appetite and no infection he should do fine. Good Luck

rg    Posted 12-30-2001 at 05:03:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
thanks greatly LH, this a yearling gander i only guess. seems rather happy, eats very strong. still seems small when next to the grays

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