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Country Discussion Topics
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Pig reproduction
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D.    Posted 02-18-2004 at 07:29:41       [Reply]  [Send Email]
We were expecting a litter from 1 of our sows.We know that she & the boar were together.No piggies!!!(she would come into heat every 3 weeks,but I wasn't concerned about that because we've had sows & gilts look like they were in heat when they were pregnant).& sense the time we saw them together she has not let the boar mount ,even when she looks like she's in heat.The boar is a good boar,we have litters to prove it & the sow in question has had litters with this boar also.She is only 3.She oughtta be good for a couple of more years of litters. What's the deal?Any suggestions?

Cindi    Posted 02-18-2004 at 11:59:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well, thanks Kelly but I'm no expert. Here's what I do know though. First have you timed the days exactly since the breed date? Three months three weeks three days minimum. Sometimes a few days longer. Her bag will start to fill with milk anywhere from two weeks before she farrows, and if she has a long body (a big York for example) it can fill even later, like three or four days before birth. Is it possible your date is off? I've had that happen.

If she has had a lot of time lapse between litters, she is not optimum for breeding. In other words, if you don't use it you lose it. Sometimes if they don't stay 'well oiled' they can go barren either for a period of time or for good. The best way to tell (for me anyway) is to get her comfortable on her side with a light source in front of her or behind her. If you're estimating that she should be close, then you should see lots of movement in there right under the skin. Within three to four days before birth it looks like they're holding a square dance in there.

The way we do it is to rub them on their side, gradually reaching lower and lower until you are gently rubbing their belly. She should just fall over and show you her underside to give you ample room to rub those spots she can't reach. While you or your husband gives her that special attention, the other should watch for telltale movements.

Anyhow that's how we do it. I'm assuming you are in a position that you can do this. Ours are all hand trained. The minute we slide a hand down their sides they fall over like they've been shot.

A lot depends on your boar, too. He may have fathered many litters, but if he just had another sow in with him for example, he needs a few days to recover. Three days minimum is what I've been told. It's tricky sometimes. We've had sows that we swore were pregnant and then...nothing.

D.STARR    Posted 02-18-2004 at 16:59:41       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Thanks for your input.I think we're leaning towards the fact that the boar is servicing 3 sows.1 gilt had babies & 1 sow is prego right now.Sow #3 just aint pregnant.Here's a question for ya...why does she not let him mount her.It sounds like an all out bar-fight when he tries to "get friendly" with her.


correction....    Posted 02-18-2004 at 15:36:50       [Reply]  [No Email]
That should read 114 days. Not all months have the same number of days.


KellyGa    Posted 02-18-2004 at 07:46:06       [Reply]  [No Email]
Cindi is the expert on pigs, she can tell you what to do, she just signed off though, so you'll have to wait for a little bit til she comes back. She can tell you for sure.

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