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Discussion Forum

Topic: Soon There Will Be Rabbits!!!!
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04-10-2004 17:22:42

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Well, Shelby ad I went to the feed store today to get some tomato plants, chick feed and dog food. Ended up bringing home a real nice rabbit hutch. She has a friend that got one of those little motor scooters, battery powered. I had told her she could get one when we got our taxes back. She decided she was not really interested in having a scooter, she wanted a couple of rabbits for her own. Unfortunately, Mr. Swint was out of bunnies, but he will be getting more in. We got a real nice big hutch for 139.00, already assembled. She says that she is just more interested in animals than any old scooter.

I grinned from ear to ear. Thats my girl. I told her she has a special way with animals like I do, so I was proud of her for making the decision to get the hutch and rabbits instead of the scooter. She loves her video games, but other than that, nothing else is as captivating to her as animals.

Now, we have to explain this little turn of events to Ian. Poor Ian, he does love animals, but after we told him the story of how this all came about, he just says he doesnt understand why we have to have so MANY.

I told him what in the world did he think it was going to be like when we move out to the country, I want 2 cows, 2 piggies, 2 horses, 2 goats. Why two you ask, to keep each other company, but no boy girl stuff, not right away at least, lol.

So...Shelby is going to put one of her two rabbits in the rabbit show at the Georgia Natl Fair in Perry this October. Maybe they will show chickens, and I can put one of my fine specimens in the ring. :)

Would somebody please explain to my husband the joy Shelby and I get out of all of this, either that, or give him your sympathy, :) I will forward the emails to him from y'all. :)

dale anne

04-19-2004 10:56:55

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Dear Husband,
I am the wife of a reluctant farmer. I have a question for you...would you rather have cows bunnies,goats,and chickens..orwould you rather keep having children? hmmmmm....these animals are more then just animals to us silly ole woman...they are the children!!! husband didnt want to get into all these critters at first either but now ha!.....just go ahead and tell him ya lost a duck or a goat to the coyotes!
you would think they stole and ate his first born son lol. you will enjoy they animals after a whileit does take a bit of getting use to but once you see the personailty and the smile on yer childrens faces you will see just how sorry you are that you hadnt started sooner plus its a learning for the children....after all they have to help tend to these creatures and this learns them dedication and responcability....well good luck and P.S. dont forget if it dont work out{{{{looks around}}}}{{{whispers}}} ya can always eat the cows and chickens lol....just kidding

y'all take care and good luck
dale anne


04-10-2004 19:18:42

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From one critter person to another.... Good Luck : ) And who knows, you might just have the makings of a Great Vet someday in that girl.


04-10-2004 19:17:30

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From one critter person to another.... Good Luck : )


04-10-2004 18:28:29

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AS far away as I live, I suggest two of each.
Then, You and Donna can compare notes, or bunnies?
fernan lol

Whatever you do...

04-10-2004 18:15:12

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...don't get two rabbits. Before you can say Thumper you'll have a hutch full, and try to get a doe, bucks can be really gross and grumpy when they get mature. Good luck girl. Shelby has a great mom!


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