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Topic: A Tuesday’s given’s
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05-17-2004 17:26:21

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Braving a rising sun, I ventured forth, met that 996 calf on his own ground. Well rested I was more than ready enough for him. Seeing him I walked easy, carefully closing the space between us, ready to spring upon him before he had a thought of a romp. Surprising me, he stood his ground, his tongue already in motion to grasp the bottles nipple and lodge it between his jaws. Good thing. I’ve only got so many chases in me. Besides, one chase started some going on forty-six years ago has actually already taken a lot out of me! Finishing him, doing the rest of the two miles of chores, grain’s gone. A trip to the elevator, setting up in mud, swapping machines wagons and tractors around, I was Disney Land’s ride provider without the bothersome patrons. Oh well, and some incidentals, and lunch there was naturally more to do. What it was or what they were evidently so important, I have forgotten what they were. Meanwhile…..
Getting ready to bale, having retrieved the baler from behind the grinder-mixer, solidly hooked to the tractor, serviced it, and here comes tomorrow’s rain. Whoopee! Well let’s see, there were some more things in need attention around here. Bullet near knocked one gate off it’s hinges a couple days ago. Dave timely came by and I enlisting his aid in getting the gate re-hung. An electric wire, I had put up inside Bullet’s temporary digs, was down and missing a couple days ago. Sprinting with the calf yesterday I ran into it. Better caught around my ankles than one of the critters. At least it was found.
Carrying fence supplies and tools in a bucket Bullet follows me my every step thinking it’s yum-yum. At the fence mending area a cow comes sauntering by displaying a little calf throwing Bullet’s bucketed quest then gone a miss between the pail’s supposed contents and the passing cow into a lustful quandary. And, that was why I was fixing that electric wire. I wanted to squelch the last one. Next best part of the fix was my doing it with thunder and lightening flashing and banging all around. What a show it was, and all the rain we got for it might have made the ink run, but never have made the paper wet.
Tonight the calf was waiting for me. Seeing me, he talked (in his calf language) and came too me. About time, I am thinking, he’s thinking a little extra snack on the side is okay. And ma, the dear old sweetheart, did not seem to mind, especially when I had just given her a share of Bullet’s corn. He-he!


05-17-2004 18:57:37

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And, all the while, I thought my life was interesting. Fern, if I had one page out of your book, I could write the rest of the chapters. Cause, you da man. The real man......gfp


05-17-2004 17:34:28

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??? Did I loose a day somewhare?


05-17-2004 18:54:03

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TB, ya got to get up early and stay late to witness everything Fern does. He's chronicling his daily life for his kids and all future offsprings. So, it's an on-going, never ending saga in the life of one of the worlds last supermen. Personally, I'd rather miss my morning coffee that to miss his writings....gfp


05-17-2004 18:50:29

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