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Discussion Forum

Topic: Armed Forces Tribute
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05-31-2004 18:44:36

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Thanks to all who responded to my question below on who served in our military.
I really appreciate your patriotism and I enjoyed reading what you shared.

I got this tribute in an email today.
I really enjoyed it.
I hope everyone will.


05-31-2004 21:00:24

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WHOO MISS LENORE!!! THANK-YOU for sharing that with us. I don't know what got me worse, the little girls voice, Ricky Skaggs song, or the pictures but I'm sitting here bawlin like a big baby now. I don't have anyone in my immediate family (3 daughters) in the military but I still Pray for each and everyone of them to come home safe each day. I was talking with my Mom when the current war broke out and we were discussing my baby brother who would be 30 now. He was stillborn and Momma said as hard as that was maybe him being born dead was Gods way of keeping her from going through him likely being over there now. She said she didn't know how some of these Mothers, Wives & Whole Families can keep going. All the while the "not knowing" what their loved one is going through. He would have been about the right age now to have been there so I Pray for each Man and Woman involved in this War just like they were my own family. I also Pray for their families. I'm Friends with several Vietnam Veterans and sometimes all they need is someone to listen. I wasn't born until Dec. of 1967 so all I know of that time is what I've read or been told by them. All I can say about what they've told me is I would need a rubber room to live in. I make it a point to tell each of them Thank-You from the bottom of my heart for the Freedoms I can enjoy today as a result of what they did so long ago. It breaks my heart to hear how they were treated when they came back from over there and the things they had to live through while they were there also. I've rambled on enough but I'll close by saying: To Each and Everyone who has served in the military or is serving now, GOD BLESS YOU & THANK-YOU (((HUGS))) G'nite All : )


05-31-2004 18:53:54

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I really think that was nice.. At a time in my life when I have little to loose now.I wish I could serve with those brave young Americans,There is not much hope that I could keep up as I am not as health now but I do have a greater appreciation of my country after all these years of experience with the world about me.


05-31-2004 20:13:49

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There is an old saying-"be careful what you ask for, you may get it". But I know what you mean, I wish I had stayed in and made a career of the navy but as in your case too, hindsight 20/20...It was a good tribute Lenore.


05-31-2004 20:19:37

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I didnt want to make a career.I just wanted to win one for the Gipper.


05-31-2004 20:33:07

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