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Discussion Forum

Topic: AC power.....
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Clipper....yo Clod....

06-06-2004 09:24:03

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Our best (but Emergency source) producer of electricity on the sub was actually a huge Fairbanks Morse diesel engine coupled to a egually huge AC generator. We could crank out enough AC power to light up a city of 200,000 easily. :^)

Dave Smith

06-06-2004 12:20:31

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Yes, When I was aboard the Requin last month in Pittsburgh PA, She has a Fairbanks Morris diesel to generate power plus four more to drive the boat.
Dave <*)))><


06-06-2004 09:41:36

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Clipper,,Are you sure of that? I didnt know that because I have only seen a nuke sub at a distance of two hundred yards.. These two guys who were on shortwave a few years back was sapposed to be atomic energy experts.They said the Navy could donate a town the used nuke engines they are sinking now.(To please the Russians on the disarmament deal) So they say if we had one of those nukes they could hook it up to power a city at very low cost. Now I learn you guys used a diesel engine for AC power.. Well..Im going to look up info on subs..I didnt know as much as I thought I did on subs.How do you dump the diesel smoke Clipper? Tell me some sub stuff.

bill b va

06-06-2004 09:48:04

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they canned the smoke and blew the cans out the torpedo tubes .


06-06-2004 09:54:03

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Ha ha! Maybe they had a cork to float some flexible exhaust pipe from JC Whitney? Here is some info on the Russian sub that sank recently.. They had both nuke plants turned off. It is funny that you need an engine running to get air to breathe..Id make sure they brought along a good mechanic.

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