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Discussion Forum

Topic: Broken H
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06-11-2004 08:06:47

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I dont remember exactly what I posted yesterday but this is the H that had enough and just snapped while my hubby was bringing a load of sand up our mile long driveway.
And for Fern.. he didnt get hurt. But after getting off the tractor he was amazed his gut or chest didnt get a good smacking since there wasnt much room between steering wheel and seat.
The H ended up coming back into the yard in two pieces and after a month it was fixed. The belhousing?(never did find the right spelling for this) was replaced and the gas tank tucked back in again. The H is still on retirement since the trip has been broken and not rewelded back on.

I posted yesterday...

06-11-2004 11:07:08

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These pics:

Same thing happened to me and is not all that uncommon I am told...It is the loader puting stress on the hydraulic/bell housing...There was an after-market 'rail kit' that goes from the front rails to the rear end casting...

If you do not have these rails DO NOT go back to using the loader...The rails are easy enough to fab out of really thick bar-stock and should be in place if you intend to use the loader again...

We have opted to get rid of the loader and go with an after-market 3-point hitch for the rear end...

Glad no one was hurt...I wasn't either, but it is a might startling, I tell you what...



06-11-2004 09:08:35

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When you get a chance, set that fella down and make sure he understands: H Farmalls weren't meant to HAVE declining seats! lol

I'll never forget a couple years ago when a young newlywed borrowed his buddy's mud-runner for a pass. It was one of those fancy rail-looking dragsters with the flapper tires. Well he got the lite & floored it, it jumped, dug in and just came torquing out of the mud pit about a car-length off the ground! While it was ripping thru the trees at the end of the pit, the crash trucks went after it, and by the time they got there and determined he'd live, his wife was already beating him over the head with a folding chair and i remember the whole crowd could hear her yelling "You dumb SOB! We just got MARRIED!" Their prompt actions managed to save him from too much further damage. :)


06-11-2004 08:41:45

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I remember in shop class the teacher ALWAYS stressed thet we need to use the proper stands when we split a tractor!!


06-11-2004 08:19:17

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Tinker-belle, I think you are a most gracious lady!
I like your attitude and Tinker-belle sounds very special and fits you perfectly. I guess some folks get very possesive of their nicknames. I am not sure how I would feel if another Lenore showed up. I suspect we could graciously work it out like the donnas, and Kelly's, and others did peacefully. ;-)


06-11-2004 08:33:31

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LOL Lenore..*struts around showing her my new outfit* Dont you think I look like a Belle with this lace umbrella, big lacy hat and long swooshing skirt? *keeps skirt down so's she cant see my country bibs and boots under it all*

Now New-Gen will know he's dancin with a lady and not have to guess at it. :)


06-11-2004 08:17:30

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Seems to me something similar happened around here to an Oliver 88--the guy was pulling an 8 row planter ant had the loader bucket full of seed corn--ther boiler plate frame broke right in the middle.
I also remember a guy who was winching a C Allis up on a rollback frontwards-there was a chain dragging on the drawbar which caught on th elip of the truck bed-he snapped tourque tube right in two!


06-11-2004 08:30:09

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Good grief New-Gen... you KNOW your day is shot to he77 when those things happen.

The worst thats happened to me is coming home after ice fishing and hauling our 4 wheeler on a trailer. The hill up to the house here is steep and hubby said " hun, kick it in the ding ding"..meaning give the van some gas. Wrong thing to say to a lady...LOL
I hit that gas..and up the hill we shoot.. just as I was cresting the hill he says " hey..not SO fast" so I hit the brake. The fourwheeler came off the trailer and landed between the van and trailer.. *blush* The only thing that stopped the fourwheeler from falling all the way through and doing damage to anything was the blade on the four wheeler caught on the hitch and bumper. whew.
It could have been 20 below zero..but the air around that site was a good 115* or more..quite WARM for a few minutes.
We used the winch on the 4wheeler to pull itself back on to the trailer and retied it down since we still and a bit to go on the driveway.
No go..van was on ice and I was sliding back down the hill. Hubby KNEW better than to ask me to let it back all the way down. He just took the 4 wheeler off the trailer.. went ahead of the van and again used the winch to pull both van and trailer up the hill.
Its funny now when I'm typing this..but man oh man was he an unhappy man. I didnt tell him for weeks about the hitch being broke off the van. He had to notice that himself.


06-11-2004 08:37:30

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Yet another good argument for proper load securement!!LOL


06-11-2004 08:41:59

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[Reply]  [No Email] was a lesson learned. Now I annoy him by making sure theres no way anything will come off a trailer. LOL

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