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Discussion Forum

Topic: Rinnai or Monitor
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07-23-2004 12:49:22

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I'm going to do something different here before another heating season comes around. I'm too old and fat and lazy to be putting 35 or 40 cords of wood up a smokestake like I did last winter.
So I'm considering maybe something like Rinnai propane heaters. We have them in our church and they work great.
Also have heard good things about Monitors. I see they have units that burn kerosene, oil or gas.
There is a Monitor dealer nearby but he's the same dub guy who sold me the Central Boiler and I'm not too fond of the way he does business.
Any experiences, recommendations would be welcome.


07-23-2004 16:22:42

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I have a Monitor 441 that I heat 1000 sq ft with. R30 above and below and R15 walls. I set the thermostat on 74 and let her rip. averages 250 gal. a season here in Va. They got a web page that will give you a lot of info for different climates. 35 to 40 cords of wood. Did you mean 3.5 to 4? If you are using 35 to 40 cords you better think on at least a dozen Monitors.


07-23-2004 12:55:30

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My family all run Kerosene Monitors...Darn efficient...

Bout all I can say is that I like the old ones better than the newer ones...I can clean the old ones in 15 minutes...The newer ones are a bugger and take at least an hour a piece...Just harder to get into...

Remember to run surge protectors...The expensive part of these things is the circuit board...


07-23-2004 12:58:16

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Why would you run kerosene if #2 was a possibility? My tank would be in the cellar.


07-23-2004 13:12:54

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If your tank is not gravity feed, you will need a lift-pump...

My bill says 'Non-Taxable Diesel'...It is the off-road red-dyed diesel...Works great in everything including my lamps...

When we all started with Monitors, the only game in town was Kero...The company has since then been sold (twice I think) and has branched out into other fuel types...

The Model 30 I am running is more than 10 years old...My #20 is almost 15 I think...Other than a couple o-rings and an 'element' (basically a flame spreader) here and there, I have done nothing to them other than yearly cleaning...


07-23-2004 14:55:34

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How much do you burn per year?

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