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Discussion Forum

Topic: ARAFAT?
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11-11-2004 07:32:52

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So Yessir yerafart, is gone, well good!!!
He started out a terrorist, and gained his prominance as a terrorist, and I sure hope our country doesn't treat him as a head of state, I hope we continue to view him as a the low life that he was.
Just thinkin that one of the greatest receptions he ever got was from Rudy Guiliani...


11-12-2004 06:36:08

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It is official. With Arafat dead, Willie Nelson is now the ugliest man on earth.

Dave 2N

11-11-2004 09:29:16

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Yessir!!! Checked out and left the keys at the desk! Whooppeee!
I think that SENATOR Kerry might be the right guy to go to the funeral.


11-11-2004 09:24:46

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Yessir yerafart, LMAO....I saw where you put that the other day...thats funny!


11-11-2004 08:19:26

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If we commend Arafat, we need to commend Hitler. 6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other....
He was a merciless killer of the Israelis.
If anything, we should hold a square dance on his grave.


11-11-2004 08:00:20

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I was wondering if I was the only one who remembered that. Didn't Rudy send the police into some theater in NYC where Yurafart and his entourage were having a good old time and have them all unceremoniously removed and sent on their way? I thought that was just great!!
For that reason alone, I would support Rudy if he were to run in '08.
If this country sends anyone to his funeral higher than the rank of PFC, I will be very disappointed. Come to think of it, that would be a good job for Slick Willie since he always was having him over to the White House. And he ranks lower than PFC.
Well, when he lived there, maybe it should have been called the Off White House. Hopefully they've got it cleaned up in the last 4 years. ";^)

big fred

11-11-2004 08:16:37

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From Fox News

"Among the possibilities for U.S. representation are a low-level official from the U.S. Embassy in Egypt or the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem, which deals with the Palestinians."


11-11-2004 08:23:55

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I can live with that but I was hoping for somebody lower.

big fred

11-11-2004 08:33:19

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Lower than a low-level government burro-crat? I don't think there's any slime mold on the federal payroll, unless you get into elected officials.

big fred

11-11-2004 08:34:47

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Which gets me thinkin'

I'll lay even odds that Congressman Jim McDermott (7th District of Washington) will attend.

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