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Topic: Farm Report miseries….
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12-06-2004 16:13:26

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Sheesh!!!! Haven gone marketing yesterday, Herr Clink, wants to go again. Seems the darn Red Neck grocery store we went to yesterday does not carry yellow cornmeal. She likes making cornbread and johnnycake, but its not the same to her, her used to using white cornmeal ground for grits. Grit’s a seldom fare around here, although cornbread sometimes makes it to the table having been crispy fried in bacon grease, and slathered in butter and maple syrup. And, What’s worse they didn’t carry Pringles Potato Chips. (grrrr!)

Snow’s covering the ground here at sunup. I’ll assume the Sun came up out, out of habit. Cloud cover so heavy it looks like a lights on dark day for us.

Murphy’s law has followed me all morning. Well at least enough of it I’m getting plenty of physical fitness exercise. The cows on the corn field needed hay. So, I gets them a bale. So far so good. The hay ringed, it was a good time to check their fences. A measure I only do for them to keep them honest. Anyway, driving another mile I find an insulator missing out back. On the west side I find a post and insulator both missing. No post I had to go back. Heading out now I spy a neighbor coming so’s I stop to talk and to talk I have to shut the tractor off. Big mistake. Batteries are dead for a restart. That was then a half mile walk to the road and another half mile home. And the dammed truck had been acting up.

Alternator acting up last night. Found the negative battery cable loose this AM. Brakes gone again this morning… Got them figured this time. Had filled the master cylinder reservoir compartments, without collapsing the rubber expanding seal, yesterday filling truck with gas. Found the reservoirs near empty this morning the rubbers having pushed the fluid out overnight. So it was shop time after lunch. May even find my fuel tank leak?

Checked radar Doppler for weather analyzing. We’re socked in under dreary laidened clouds yet Doppler images are showing open skies. Either this stuff is too high or low for the radar systems or they are tuned to pickup something other these lighter weight rain clouds???

Setting out trash, picking up the neighbors trash for their buckets (four at $4.00/@ if bought‘em) for somewhere to put my ash. I moved the Cushman this afternoon so’d it is out of the way for grinding grain again tomorrow. The master cylinder replaced, fluid added, some bleeding the system; the brakes still aren’t quit right. I’ll see how they act in the morning? May have to bleed them again. Everything so wet and having to lay on the floor to work underneath, it is not the most comfortable cold drippy wet job. And, the fuel tank still needs looking at.
Maybe, just maybe with a smoother start tomorrow, I can get an earlier start on getting more done… Now I’m wondering if I can put tire chains on my bicycle for alternate transportation.
Well that’s most of it for today with two more to go. (grin)


12-07-2004 07:26:14

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Thanks for posting your daily activities. Reminds me to keep at it here with a smile. Weather here is about the same, gray and wet with drizzle, sleet or snow coming down most of the time. Cattle are looking for round bale leftovers to rest on. Planned to pour cement tomorrow but we let the ground freeze too far and will pour next summer instead. So much for automatic waterers again this winter. Those garden hoses can sure be a pain in the winter but it's better than no water. Hope all is running smoothly today!


12-07-2004 10:12:53

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Hi Kat:
My mind so forgetful I don't remember where you are.
You might try covering the area to be poured in concrete with straw and a tarp of some kind. Even the cheap plastic ones help to keep more rain, snow, and cold winds off the site. The plastic also helps the straw insulate the ground so it will thaw from the bottom up.
Check your earth in a couple days and if your thawed out, pour your concrete. Cover it again with straw between two plastic covers for a few more days to cure and you should be in good shape.
However, all this advice depends on your weather, warm spells, and the time to get it done.
Have done it here with fair to good results for fountain foundations and aprons.
Have fun. Good luck.

PS. Anything I posted earlier, on women drivers safety, I am keeping from Frieda, hopefully surviving one more day to answer some many burning questions posted last week. (grin) Tomorrow, I shall reveal all.
Good day!


12-07-2004 11:44:08

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My apologies. I'm near St. Cloud. MN so we have had freezing weather for a while. I have some oat hay I may try packing it with and see how it turns out. Wouldn't husband be pleasantly surprised if I had it all ready when he gets home and can pour? We need the ground frozen enough to get the cement truck in but not so cold that we can't get it to cure. Fussy, fussy, fussy, I know. Thanks for the help. I'll pack with straw today. I don't post as often as I should but feel connected to all KL'ers. Thanks to everybody for the smiles, tears, stories and fun.


12-07-2004 17:14:23

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Hi KAtrina!!!
I am KatG from Arkansas...middle aged crazy ole lady that loves farm life and all that goes with it...I just been posting on KL for awhile but love it and look forword to seeing everyone after a days chores...We are having some cool weather here in Ark but not near normal for this time of year...We raise Jerseys and milk a chickens but now I got to replenish my flock..Hope to talk again soon...I bet you see some snow...We get some once in awhile here...Take care...KAt


12-07-2004 10:50:28

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Hidy there Fern...This is Kat in Arkansas...We got us another Katrina from somewhere...But I always enjoy your posts and welcome any advice you got to give this old farm;)
Bright and sunny here today but 49 degrees..and the wind is a blowing...MAtt's out cleaning up a trashpile that someone left when we bought the land...probably is years old...He is a sweating from working so hard...
Your wife and I are lucky to have such hard working men...HAve a good one...KAt


12-07-2004 12:48:54

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Apologize for the mix up ladies. And, always glad to meet new folks, especially lady’s in distress, Katrina. (grin).
I could well be walking on some thin ice Herr Clink should get a hold of this. But, what the heck, living dangerously has kept us both on out satisfying the other upon our toes. (he he).

Been picking up old trash on one parcel and another here for years, Kat. Most likely an never ending chore, each year we plant corn on it, the plows bringing up new menacing bottles (mostly broken) and rusty cans. It’s beyond me the thoughtlessness of some folks the way they mistreat the land.
Most likely the worst part I’ll miss when it’s parceled for yuppie home sites.



12-06-2004 16:43:50

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I can totally relate to the tractor not restarting. Whenever I go to load a tractor at an auction I face the same dilema: Should I shut it off to conserve the half pint of fuel it's previous owner left in the tank of leave it running in case there isn't another start left in the batteries. I guess that's why they put winches on implement trucks!!

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