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Topic: An unbiased Farm Report
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12-14-2004 17:09:29

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Sunday last doing what I had to do chore wise, I otherwise lollygagged the bulk of the day away. I enjoyed myself looking into matters of personal interest to me for a change. Read some, napped some, and researched some, mailed out new projectís parts orders, and wondered if I had seen all the PB magazines I hadnít had the chance to read last Summer.

Monday as another story haven woken up to have Clink tell me her gas stove wouldnít light. Only thing I could figure it had froze. Whatever had happened had never done this before. We are on propane. I eventually had to turn off the gas until I could later look at it. Chores to do they came first. Besides, I didnít want to come home to house what had rocketed off the foundations. I have enough trouble with my belovedís nagging here on Earth without her getting on me from outer-space. Later after the chores were done and my having time to consider the possibilities, I opted to pickup another gas regulator, the present one four or five decades old. Returning home, the house still here with itís precious contents, I took the line apart outdoors. Cracked the gas valve and had gas. Hooking it all backup I went in for coffee. Haven given the line enough time to bleed off air, the stove burners lit, and the pilot in the oven came back to life. Only thing I could figure was the wind direction blowing wet snow, the soggy stuff had plugged or temporarily sealed the regulator vent. As the noon day Sun having creeped around the corner of the house the regulator had thawed. We had gas and an extra regulator. This morning I hung a slotted bucket over the propane bottle hoping to have it shed the next wayward blowing snow storm.

Power going off mid-afternoon, Keith getting the word calls, I am asked to do the evening chores early in the daylight. What could I say? Through the mud, muck and mire I trod my on merry way carrying the grain buckets required to feed the varied mobs in varied pens. Set about walking the haltered calves to and from the water fountain. Rationed the haltered calves grain pans, divvied up and distributed hay to all including those in the barnís inside pens, it was time to retie the calves for the night. Five minutes of daylight left outside the barn door, feeling my way with the last calfís rope to tei him up the lights came on. I wanted to figure it a mighty sneaky way for Keith to get out of an eveningís chores. (grin)

Lately the pickupís electrical system has been acting up. Dim lights, Hard starts, weak battery, low charging rate. Have repeatedly check battery connections, never really finding anything wrong: but thinking I had made an improving move. This morning, barely turning over the engine caught. It was shop time. A meter on the battery, engine still running the alternator was putting out. Shut down, the battery was showing weak. Could be? Five/six years ago I had replaced it along with a couple others. One went with a Blazer sold. The one in Royís van crapped out last month. Yup, itís about time for this one. New battery time.

Being the good sensitive kind hearted husband that I am I asked Clink if she wanted to go for a ride. First things first of course I made her promise while I was hunting for my battery, she wouldnít be doing another one of her gathering foraging things. She werenít to spend one dime, naught-a. She agreed.
Then it started. She wants to know where sheís going to sit in the truck? Nag! She just could not leave it alone. Why I had just cleaned out the truck-cab a couple weeks ago, and had enough room for me. And it had only since then had just sneakily gotten to the present state it was in before she tried to get in. Why, I can even remember when that cab would have been enough room for a cozy couple more couples. But not with the spreads we got now. So, to satisfy her negative attitude I had to clean it out all over again today. Then I asked myself, ďWhy didnít I keep my mouth shut?Ē

Getting back without the barnyard tux I had checked on while we were out, eating a late lunch, a little lurking here, and it was time to hit the road. I set the jack-post, and went on to move five tones of hay in to various lots crowding dark, getting home before six by only minutes.
Now itís evening and I am done. G-nite all


12-14-2004 17:54:24

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Sounds like you do a full days work, and work hard.

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