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Topic: It gone...
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12-25-2004 18:00:37

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Made it through Christmas Day fine...went to MAma's and ate dinner...Very good food and no fights are cross words for a great change...
Got home around 2:30 and MAtt went out to tend the cattle..Then milking time...supper time and now he has gone to bed..So it is 7:35 pm and it is just and the puter...MAtt's has been working way to hard these last few days...Our lives have got to where there is no time to "stop and smell the roses" as they say...but we do it by our own choosing so guess we are to blame...I am just a rambling tonight...
MAtt's stays outside so much when he comes into the warm house it is hot to out goes the heater...Oh well I will bundle up...Sounds like I got a case of the post-Christmas
Hope everyone had a wonderful day and are enjoying it will your family..I am going to spend the evening with ya'll and the puter until bedtime...Have a good one..KAtG


12-25-2004 22:38:14

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i never realized it, but i got spoiled by years of burning wood. the boys put a trash burner in the living room and i feel in control again. the gas heater still flickers away, but now i can have it too hot if i want, always have a place to warm my feets and hands, & i can keep coffee water hot all day. plus i like to hear it take off, start roaring and throwing heat. ah, an excuse to relax.:)

the Grinch

12-25-2004 19:13:08

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take my advice, stop and smell the roses anyway, or else you will end up like me. All work and no play makes ron,ar fill in the blanks.


12-25-2004 19:18:45

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You know Ron I think this night has made me realze that it is time to enjoy life along with the work also...It is sad when someone is so exhausted they have to fall out and leave the wife on love on Christmas night...I am not mad at MAtt my any means...but he has got to eazile we have a life other than cows and pastures and barns..Do now exactly how to do tis anyone with suggestions??/...Guess I will go to bed too...almost 9:00 PM///Merry Christmas night all!!!!...KAtG


12-25-2004 22:39:01

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We fed the Cows and Horses walked the Dogs had a nice dinner just like we allways do every day. Spent more time talking to each other but seeing the animals come for there cookies and the dogs ripping open there presents made it a great day! Can't find that stuff in town! Enjoy life it is so short and smell the Roses as often as you can. Merry Christmas! Mark H.

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