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Discussion Forum

Topic: Firewood question?
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02-28-2005 12:46:19

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I cut some walnut limbs/logs up last winter, got a snow storm then rain storm and washed out my crick crossing. I am finally able to get back to the area. The logs have been on the ground since last winter. They are wet but the bark is still on them. Any problem with stacking and drying them now. They could not have lost too much heat value did they? Thanks for any comments.


02-28-2005 20:50:09

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You're cutting up walnut for firewood?? Is any of it usable as lumber? Walnut is valuable wood for many furnature and trim, not to mention gunstocks.


03-01-2005 06:15:02

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These are the tops left from logging the valuable trunks. Just trying to use all of the tree. I planted 5000 walnut trees two years ago to make up for the 30 I cut.


02-28-2005 17:09:16

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Donno about walnut but I burn a lot of oak and hickory, some red bay(Florida Mahogony) and even chinaberry down here in Wacahoota.

i would cut it and split it. And when you split it you could tell a lot. If is is still hard and not spongy or rotten, then it will burn good once it drys out.

Hi Tech Hugh

02-28-2005 14:39:48

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It should be fine. Quite often I will leave my wood on the ground for a year before I cut and split it [ due to laziness] Birch is the only wood you should'nt it will rot. HTH


02-28-2005 13:31:43

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they ouhgta be great -my grampa wouldn't burn anything that hadn't been ricked for 3 years - he got everything before the leaves came out & burned mostly pine. the smaller firewood is - the faster it dries. any remaining water has to boil & steam out & that takes energy.

i have a few big basswood chubs been drying in the shed 2 yrs now - like to make 1-piece chairs outa them. :)


02-28-2005 12:54:49

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Bring em in, cut, split and stack...You do not need to cover the sides, but lay something like old plywood or old tin roofing on the top...

Your Walnut will be fine and most assuredly did not lose any BTU value in just one winter on the ground...


02-28-2005 13:17:16

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best wood we got to burn out here is tamarack, enjoy your walnut , could only be so lucky.


02-28-2005 16:35:43

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Set me straight, guys....I know when ya work with walnut(saw,plane,router,sand) ya need to wear a mask, or the dust will make ya it the same way if ya burn it? I donno...

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