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Wild Blackberries

Topic: horrible taste! Help!
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Debbie in Virginia

05-15-2001 20:09:12

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When I was a kid, we always picked wild blackberries and they were wonderful! Now, there is a great patch of wild blackberries here on our land, but they taste terrible! My husband and I think it probably has to do with the soil. The area of ground they grow in is kind of low, and water stands there especially in the fall and winter. Would standing water account for this? I mean, those blackberries are just beautiful - but they are the worst things you ever put in your mouth. Any ideas for how to "sweeten them up" - or at least make them taste like blackberries? Maybe spread some lime around the plants? Or should we just mow them all down, then work on the ground and re-plant it next year with other wild blackberries? Sorry this post is so long. Thanks for any help!


05-16-2001 10:28:36

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Dont worry about long post! What harm does it do.


05-15-2001 20:26:27

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FIRST !! get a ph test, Blackberrys like a high ph,


05-16-2001 16:50:04

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It may be that you are just getting too anxious waiting for them to get fully ripe. I have the same problem. Luckily,they are prolific producers so we always have some to eat out of hand after they fully ripen. It may help the sugar content if you wait till they develope a dull dusty appearance. If you try them befor the shine goes off you jumped the gun.


06-21-2007 11:03:08

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I can't believe there's someone out there asking the same thing I've been asking!!
I pick berries every year without fail, but this year they are as horrible as you say!
Surprisingly, I picked some of the first to ripen and had them in my cereal the next a.m. They were as tasty as ever, but when I brought some more home a week of two later, they weren't fit to eat.
I've tried to figure it out, but can't come up with anything, but if I do, I'll let you know.
Let's just hope next year is not a repeat of this one.
Berry disapointd in Alabama

Debbie in Virginia

05-16-2001 18:20:51

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Thanks for the posts. We'll try the pH testing. My husband thinks lime will help, and I think that does increase the acidity. Okie-Dokie - we're not picking them green, in fact they're only just now blooming this year. We're basing this on the past two years' berries. When they are fully ripe they look great, and are very juicy, but the taste is terrible. They taste "mucky" - no other way I can think to describe it - kind of bitter, mainly just taste like you're eating a mouthful of muck! Never seen anything like it in my life. Wild blackberries around here are usually great, but not these. Thanks again, everybody!


05-16-2001 20:04:57

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Put lime on acid soil to raise the ph.....

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