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Discussion Forum

Topic: Half Century of Progress Show
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bill in in

08-29-2009 17:16:00

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Just got back from the above. Evidently they haven't made much progress in traffic control. Took over an hour to get through the gate, 20 minutes to park, then spent the rest of my tihe dodging all the idjits in four wheelers and golf carts. Needless to say it'll be ny last time there. Can't anyone walk anywhere anymore?


08-30-2009 04:44:51

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Theres over 400 acres there. You can't possibly see all of it on
foot. The biggest thing there is the field demos, too bad it was so
muddy. I thought they did an excellent job handling it tho.
About the traffic, you gotta remember this ain't Disney, just a
bunch of guys shooting from the hip to put on a good show. One
food vendor went thru his 4 day supply the first day, thats how
many more people show'd than expected.
They should restrict carts from the vending area.

bill in in

08-31-2009 04:14:26

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400 acres of crops and taxi-ways. Exhibit area wasn't more than 60 acres including the carnival (vendor) area. Lots of tractors but they had them parked real close. Penfield isn't all that much smaller, and the people are a whole lot more polite. This was my last trip to this show.

B Love

08-29-2009 17:48:23

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no they cant walk anymore.Myself as well as you see they are just lazy we have no problem with the truly handicapped.Fat or lazy is not handicap but it will probably get them handicapped.Society makes it too easy for people to be lazy.I strongly disagree with the riders at events such as the one you were at today.And the rude people that pull up in the way of us to save a few steps.


08-30-2009 14:45:38

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MAAAAAAAN.....don't let the Talers who took their golf carts to Rantoul read this, or you'll have made some enemies!

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