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Discussion Forum

Topic: Travel trailer ?
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08-30-2009 07:40:21

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Bumper pull Vs Fifth wheel. What are the pros and cons?

bill in in

08-31-2009 04:10:24

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5th wheel pulls, backs, hooks-up, and levels and handles a whole lot better. Tag along doesn't take up space in the bed and is usually cheaper.


08-30-2009 16:15:41

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I would suggest you compare the cost of the trailer,the cost of gas, the inconvience of driving a rig like that thru traffic in unfamiliar towns,then forget the trailer and stay in motels.
Or...better yet...if you have relatives scattered around the country....



08-30-2009 17:04:39

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I spend a lot of time off the beaten path where there aren't any motels.


08-30-2009 08:08:44

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First off, you should NOT pull any kind of travel trailer with a bumper hitch!
that said, you should use a manufactured for travel trailer towing type of hitch, with load equalizer bars, and the anti-sway pieces that the mfgr. sells for their hitches.
You will need a full size pick-up for towing that type of trailer, or the fifth-wheel type.
I towed with several Ford 390 equipped Station wagons, and also with a 1976 Ford 3/4 ton pickup, and had the best hitches and anti-sway bars that were available at that time. Reese made a very good system, and we towed all over the country with that rig. Never had any sway problems. If you think you can tow without any of that stuff--well-be prepared for a nasty surprise some day when towing on a hi-speed hiway! I've seen pickups lying in the ditch with the back bumper still attached to the trailer, but not the truck, because those four bolts that hold on the typical rear bumper, suddenly pulled thru the holes! If that happens, you suddenly say to your companion---"Gee, there goes a trailer exactly like ours, but how do they drive it?"

As for fifth wheel trailer towing, i have several friends who use that system.
And, they have big pickups with thirsty engines to pull the load! With gasoline--expect 10 MPG! With diesel--ya might do a bit better, but not much!
A large draw-back to fifth wheel towing is if you use the truck in your everyday work, or for hauling anything in the bed.
The set-up for the fifth-wheel towing has a large piece that is bolted into the pickup bed, and it is more or less permanent, which gets in the way of hauling large flat pieces.
One other thing: If you have children you wish to take along--for fifth-wheel towing, the ideal tow vehicle would be the crew cab type. Reason being-you cannot haul people in the trailer in a lot of states, as they have laws against it, nor can kids ride in the cap on yer pickup, in most states. Back when i was towing my trailers, we used the large Ford 1967 Country Squire station Wagons, with the 390 C.I. engines, and the C-6 tranny. Never had any trouble with them, although the water pumps on the engines didn't like to travel, because i had to replace several on long trips!
HTH: Rusty Jones


08-30-2009 08:03:26

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I've pulled both commercially and MUCH prefer the 5th wheel set up. Seems there is a lot less road jarring with 5th. However, I must qualify that with my truck's 5th wheel is an "air ride"...and a bit pricey $$... that I'm sure makes a difference. I've not had the opportunity to use a standard (non air ride) 5th wheel. Would it be possible for you to make a "test drive/pull" with both units you are considering. Just my $00.02 worth!!

Just had another thought...all the units I pulled were empty and that may have had some effect on handling.



08-30-2009 08:14:49

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When I retire in a few years I plan to buy a travel trailer with a garage, toy hauler, and tour the USA in a clockwise fashion. Most likely when I get back I'll sell the travel trailer. This will be a pure enjoyment tip. Although I do plan to stop and prospect for gold along the way in a few of the western states. That's why the toy hauler. I'll need a 4 wheel drive quad runner to haul my prospecting equipment. Last girl freind wasn't strong enough to carry the dry washer and the beer. LOL


08-30-2009 12:15:53

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if you plan on going cross country with a big (over 24') camper/trailer get the 5th wheel OR goose neck (my choice) it will rid better and you dont need all the sway bars and torsion bars ive had all types of trailers and i love the goose neck type second choice is the 5th wheel


08-30-2009 17:20:52

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I have a travel trailer, the toy hauler type and Have ball hitches in my truck. There are kits available to convert over to the ball gooseneck hitches from the aggervating 5th wheel, but I simply cut out the regular 5th wheel pin and installed a ball type hitch. This is the second one that I have converted for my use and will never have a 5th wheel hitch on my trucks as they are used almost daily for flat bed and cattle trailers.

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