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Discussion Forum

Topic: I'm all set for hunting season
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09-01-2009 08:19:56

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Cleaned and Oiled my guns. Patched hole in ceiling because of a shell left in my gun from last season. Bought fresh ammo when I got my license. Evicted the mice from my hunting boots. Bought new boots because of all the mice holes in the old ones. Sharpened my skinning knives. Bandaged my fingers cut while sharpening my knives. Try to clean the black gunk that used to be coffee, out of my thermos bottle. Threw it away and bought a new one. Found my game calls, bought new ones because the tobacco juice gummed up the old ones. Got new alarm clock because the little hand fell off the old one when I threw it. Went into back yard to turn upright my rowboat to check for leaks. Had to have gal pal burn my clothes while I showered because skunk was living under boat. Opening day gets harder every year.


09-01-2009 09:29:30

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Ha ha, I'm almost that bad. Last night I got out the shotgun and pounded some clays in the back pasture with a hunting buddy. He pulled a double for me, I got too excited, snagged my gun butt in my baggy t-shirt, panicked and shot from an ill-mounted gun position...this morning I have a swollen thumb and cheek to show for the effort. I did get both clays, though, so it was worth it.

Obviously I need another box of clays.

First pheasant hunt is scheduled for 2 weeks from now...can't wait.


09-01-2009 08:37:05

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Quote;"Cleaned and Oiled my guns. Patched hole in ceiling because of a shell left in my gun from last season. Bought fresh ammo when I got my license."End Quote. Might be time to put up the guns blowing holes in the ceiling from not checking to see if it is a loaded gun before pulling the trigger inside a building!! No excuse for this to happen except not handleing firearms correctly. Just think if you had shot thru the floor of a up/stairs room and killed some one??? Mark H.


09-01-2009 11:14:17

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There's always someone who don't "get" a joke post.


09-01-2009 12:03:19

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I did not relise you were joking about shooting a hole in your roof? It is just that I see this kind of stuff talked about all the time. Gun saftey to me is very important and leaves no room for mistakes. I have handeled guns since around 12 years of age and never had a accidental discharge ever. I have allways handled a fire arm as if it is loaded and allways check it every time I pick one up or have it handed to me. Some times you don't get a second chance and the gun haters love to use these things against us! Mark H.


09-01-2009 16:46:05

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We all know YOU,are much better than anyone else here.Isn t that right G O D,I mean Mark?

Lightening Bug

09-01-2009 10:43:32

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WillyN know you're right about gun handling. But a friend was sure gun was empty - empty gun put nice hole in mattress it was pointed at, oops! BTW what's the fire status in your area?

Fun post, hope it wasn't all true. But I have kittens who have chased the mice away just by being in the cabin.

Why is this a terrific turn of events? Went to put a pair of Docksiders on. Hadn't worn them for awhile, guess I'll have to get the leather needle and thread out. The mice liked the thread used on the shoes so now they need repair!

They're just as good to wear in the garden as in a boat.

Take care folks. Have a great day and safe hunting.


09-01-2009 11:57:52

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The one fire is out and the arson started 3 more last night there working on right now! Mark H.


09-01-2009 08:46:36

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I am pretty sure he is kidding here Mark.

I too seem to take one step forward and two backwards trying to get things done.

I did get the little dozer fired up this past weekend and opened up the creek crossings. My best ladder stand was unusable all last year cause the creek crossing was washed out. Water has stayed so high all year this was my first chance to open it up.

Bow season opens in MO the 15th of this month so I gotta get in gear.


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