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Discussion Forum

Topic: Why is it?
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Kris Golden

09-01-2009 11:19:40

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why do cereal companies use glue to seal the bags inside of boxes of cereal that is 250 times stronger than the plastic it seals???


09-01-2009 13:00:59

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Actually no glue involved...heat sealed....


09-01-2009 12:07:01

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in this day and age when oil conservation is of utmost importance, why do all companies use plastic to seal everything from A-Z? it takes oil to produce plastic which is non-biodegradeable in the enviornment, whereas paper is made from renewable trees. besides, it is almost impossible to get that darn plastic open without scissors, knife or blowtorch. and don't even try to open plastic if your hands are wet or oily. paper can be opened almost by looking at it and it degrades in the enviornment quickley.


09-01-2009 11:41:26

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It's an evil plot.

It is that way so that when the glue does finaly let go the resulting jerk of the hands will cause half of the bags contents to be flung into the air and land all over your kitchen floor. You being a health conscious individual will realize that you cannot pick up 500 thousand cheerios from the floor in less than 5 seconds so you will sweep it up and dispose of them. The net effect is you will have to purcahse more Cheerios sooner so the CEO of General Mills and his brother inlaw (who owns the Gorilla Glue plant) will sell more product.

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