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Discussion Forum

Topic: JD company and Boeing
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09-01-2009 12:22:15

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Deere announced a $125 million plant for parts and manufacturing to be built in China, including building tractors. Boeing CEO wants to move a larger part of operations to China. As our standard of living decreases and global countries increase, I think we have some rough times ahead. AND those in power evidently can or do not want to do anything about it. We have been bleeding here for a long time now.No sign of it abating.

Ron in NS

09-02-2009 13:53:44

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Boeing just pulled 587 part numbers and all the related tools from our plant. Not a great deal of work, compared to the total amount we do for them, but a trickle ends up being a flood. I would imagine we were underbid by Chinese companies.


09-02-2009 02:27:52

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our past leaders like NIXON, REAGAN wanted this 'global economy' and now we have it. the companies are the ones that benefit from 'Globalization'.


09-03-2009 06:01:38

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As opposed to liberals, who want "redistribution of wealth" by simply giving it away. At least we are getting back the fruits of chinese labor.


09-01-2009 18:59:51

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we have major contracts with both companies. (seals) hope they stick around.


09-01-2009 17:42:38

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I have to blame managment for some of our problems. I'm so ticked off at my cell phone--The only thing that our companies do now is promotional junk, and if you have problems you must speak to a no english dide, even when I push 1 for english.

Our system has taken the hand shake away, and offered a way to put their hands in our pockets, and still be legal.

Like what the heck is a 30 day warrenty mean on a product that sells for a couple thousand dollars? Years ago they would have been hung for such crapola.

China doesn't run our school systems, but I would certianly like to know what the cost is per hr for my kids to go to school once you add all the total budget together.


09-01-2009 17:30:54

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If people would stop buying china made stuff, including all tractors, and such, they might reconsider moving to there,, and stay here in America, stupid companies, putting Americans out of a job.... boycot them all!!!!


09-01-2009 17:28:17

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Well what do we do to big companies here in America? If they make a profit we belittle them, berate them, politicians blame them for everything, we tax them to death, over-regulate them, impose onerous fees on them and sic the ERA, DNR, and enviornmental wackos on them.

I dont blame them for leaving.



09-02-2009 00:53:11

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You are right but I do blame the citizens for letting such a motley crew get in charge here. How can so called functioning adults be so gullible? "Wha hoppened Loocy" is the general intelligence of most it seems.

Whoops, error

09-01-2009 13:37:47

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Deere plant will be in Russia,not China. That sure makes a person feel a lot better , huh?

Errin OH

09-01-2009 12:52:56

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I have no way to confirm this but a buddy of mine and I were talk the other day and the topic of where would you go (as in left the usa). He stated If he had the money he would go to China. I asked if he was nuts and he said due to china's expanding economy people and companies that brought in big bucks were given special treatment. Just what that includes I am not sure but I could agree they are likely reducing tax rates and such to get them there.


09-01-2009 19:55:14

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In one way or another, any company that is doing business in China is in business with the chinese government. Boeing and JD have been doing business there for years. A lot of the airplanes you fly and the tractors you drive are made in China. For example, a chinese company bought a local aircraft hydraulics company - Teledyne Howell Penncraft. The made streering system parts for aircraft. Very precise stuff. They were bought out by the chinese company, and over a period of 3 years, all the work was transferred to china. The american workers were all let go, and the building is vacant and for sale. I am told that their hydraulics are in everything Boeing makes. Boeing has sourced many parts directly from China, Japan, Korea. JD sources a lot of stuff, including whole tractors, from India, China, Mexico, Brazil. I don't think there is any tractor under a 100 hp made here in 20 years or more. Anybody in a manufacturing job in this country is in the "last of the Mohicans" status.

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