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Discussion Forum

Topic: Elk hunting
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09-01-2009 13:28:16

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my son drove from wv to colorado flat top area hunting elk, five days later,,he is on his way home with blistered feet and didn't even see an elk......i asked him if was worth and he said yea the country was great and it was hunting after all......his buddy had gave up two days ago on bloody feet....

it is a shame when you are my age and know your limitations as clint eastwood would say.

Vaca Roja

09-01-2009 18:07:05

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Mikey & I went up on Missionary Ridge (the site of the big fire near Durango, CO in 2002) yesterday afternoon. Just sitting at the edge of a clearing in mid-afternoon, we saw a herd of 9 cows and 2 bulls. We were wishing we didn't have to come back down as early as we did - the hunting guides that go through her check-out line at the hardware store have been telling her about all the elk and bear they have seen in that area.

We have been hitting the high country as often as we can, trying to get in shape for hunting season. Our lungs are doing much better, but we still sound like a couple steam engines climbing at 10,000 feet!


09-01-2009 18:58:42

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my cousin keeps trying to get me to durango to go a hunting. i keep telling him i am too fat, too lazy, too old and i just aint that mad at them elks/deer as i once was. elk is darn good eating though.

Vaca Roja

09-01-2009 19:42:34

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You can do like the rest of the old, fat & lazy out of state hunters do and sit in a vehicle on the side of the road, napping, and contributing money to the local economy. :-) And, the way the elk keep getting into the ranchers' fields, your cousin might be able to make arrangements with one of them to hunt on private land. We have not hunted on public land for 9 years - the rancher Brother works for almost begs us to come kill some of the corn destroyers on his place.

I love elk meat, even if the process of field dressing and getting them to a vehicle can be a PITA.


09-02-2009 12:37:09

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"And, the way the elk keep getting into the ranchers' fields, your cousin might be able to make arrangements with one of them to hunt on private land."

good idea! will bring that up with hin next time he invades PA.


09-01-2009 14:50:42

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I have elk hunted without guides and it is tough if your new to the area. The thing they did wrong is walked to much. THey also didn't have the right boots for the job. Good hiking boots are the best. You can't see elk by walking around to much. Ya gotta sit in a good area and glass it for best results. Elk get a sniff of you and they will be miles away in a jiffy. Yea I learned the hard way myself. I'm to old for climbing those mountains today but I sure had a fun time doing it even while learning. I once was within a few feet of a big six point bull but was deer hunting and didn't have an elk tag. I wish I could afford to go again but I would ride horses then. I had a horse the last time I lived out west but left before I got to hunt with it. Always another time and place. I too loved the hunt whether game was got or not. Camping and cooking over a camp fire is the best. It can be a dangerous thing to with climbing in the dark and not knowing where your stepping as two of our hunting friends found out. One stepped off a steep rock and the other twisted his ankle to the point he couldn't walk.Three of us had to carry him and a deer out at about 7 miles from camp.


09-01-2009 18:05:04

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A bad day hunting is better than a good day at work!

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