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Discussion Forum

Topic: To have someone comeback!
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Okay so what'ta ya' gotta

09-01-2009 19:12:00

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Good grief Charlie Brown!

I know you're out there.

I'm not going to post your special events 'cause I haven't been here long enough.

But I do enjoy hearing what's going on with you.

Jeez! I appreciate hearing the happiness, the day, and what keeps your world working or not.

The sharing of what is part of your life. "Nuff said, hmmm.

Lightening Bug


09-02-2009 05:33:48

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Grandbaby had his 2 week doc's appointment yesterday, all is well. He gained 1 lb, 5 oz and 1 full inch in just 2 weeks' time. Everybody is doing fine, and apparently there's been some interest in their house that's for sale.

Molly (my 2 year old Spinone) and I are tuning up for pheasant season. I've been busting clays, she's been practicing "stay," "fetch," and "whoah," and eyeing up my turkeys through the fence. She knows the season is coming because the guns are coming out frequently, and I'm reloading lots right now.


09-02-2009 11:00:46

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Good to see you back and posting.

Good hunting! Glad to hear the little one is doing well. I assume Mom is okay too.

Take care.

Mom and Dad are...

09-02-2009 11:11:45

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They're both still in second-heaven and doing well. Mom is tickled because he's now letting them sleep 3 whole hours at a stretch...heh heh heh.


09-02-2009 16:24:45

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Boy do I remember celebrating the return of being able to sleep through the night with my daughter.

Glad they're enjoying their boy. They grow up way too fast.

Take care.


09-01-2009 19:33:24

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turn them into a politician, then you can't get rid of them!!



09-01-2009 20:25:06

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Sad to say you're too right!

Oh I'm listening to Gene Krupa and Benny Goodman - well I hope my floor servives my dancing and joy.

Take care.


09-02-2009 02:47:34

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I was curious LB ever do the jitter bug ? sure looks like they have fun dancing the jitterbug on tv lightingbug


09-02-2009 10:57:23

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The Jitterbug and Swing were more in the '40's and early '50's. I love the Swing music. Such a tremendous variety played beautifully.

I started dancing in 1953. My Dad took me to a place where teens could learn how to dance. The woman who ran it played the latest and greatest.

Then when I moved to San Diego County the music was mainly Western - and the dancing was the cowboy two step. Although some events would have folks who played the Polka. I'll never forget dancing the Polka with a fellow one day. We danced for hours and had a great time. Never saw him again but remember a delightful afternoon.

Moved back to the city and went to the ballroom again. At that time Little Richard, Bill Haley, Fats Domino, and others were popular. We called it Rock and Roll. Then the woman who ran the ballroom had four of us come and gave us dance lessons for free. She taught us the Jitterbug. Boy that was tough on the guys. But we did have fun.

Later the Twist became huge. Followed by ones you've heard - The Rolling Stones, the Beatles, etc. Once again called Rock and Roll.

Between my sophomore and junior year of college I taught dancing at Arthur Murray's in La Jolla,CA. Was a unique experience. I met a tremendous variety of people from different walks of life.

We had a fellow who came for the summer who taught at the NY 47th St. studio. He taught two of us how to do the Peabody. He was very self impressed but he could dance!

Take care.

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