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Topic: Well I still haven't found it but . . .
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Lightening Bug

09-06-2009 19:08:10

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Had a great day, went to a Ma and Pa Railroad Heritage place. All volunteers, a step back in time to a place I'd never been. Took a ride on what looked like a tram but wasn't. The sound was neat. Clickety click, clickity click, clickety click, clickity click, de dum. No wonder music has been made of the sound of trains.

But the beauty of where this short ride takes you is magnificent. They built the Ma and Pa railroad in a gorgeous valley. Considered to be beautiful at the time and my word, it still is.

Private non-profit group run the establishment. With a rolling mill, and a general store - right out of the pages of history. Such a gentle feeling from caring folk who are enjoying being able to share a view into history. Equipment from the 18th century still there because it didn't fill the WWII needs for metal.

And the trees, wow, beautiful tall trees along the trip. I have to look one up to see if it is an oak.

If I was an engineer, even tho' it's a small gauge track with many, many curves - just to ride through that beauty would be worthwhile.

Talked to the father of one of the volunteers. He had worked on the railroad and retired from it. He commented that the trains were put along streams when they were built.

Had 1 penny candy - that was fun. The general store had a variety of things displayed that had been in the store when it was purchased. Covered the gamut from lemon squeezers to feed sacks.

The weather was perfect - not too hot or cool.

Couldn't take pictures on the train it was too bumpy. Next year they'll have a real train to ride. That will be neat. Although I wish it would be steam and it'll be diesel. Oh well.

Hope all is well with you.


09-06-2009 19:25:21

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There used to be a RR in this valley I live in. This RR was taken out in 1939 and I've read the rails were used for the WWII effort. We used to find a spike once in a while, when walking on the old bed. There is still one post where the telegraph wire must have run, because towards the top of the post is a threaded wood peg, where the insulator would have been fastened. I was born in 47, so the RR was before my time. Just as you say, the RR here ran along a river, & flooding had to be a problem. I walk the dogs every day on a small portion of this RR bed. Mark.

Stony Jim

09-06-2009 19:13:29

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Here is a link to the Muddy Creek Forks that we visited today. Enjoy!


09-06-2009 19:23:26

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Oh wow! That's great, thanks. I didn't know they have a website.

They really have their act together don't they?

Take care.


09-06-2009 19:09:53

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The post title was referring to the song I was trying and am trying to find - Gotta dance, gotta sing.

Find all kinds of references to it but, but no playing of it.

Take care.

Is This It

09-06-2009 19:28:44

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By Paul McCartney


09-06-2009 19:40:02

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That's the music and the song.

Thank you, my cabin floor is bouncing again with joy.

I love that song but I guess it might be Fred Astaire I'm looking for.

But you made my day! It is the definition of me - I love to sing and dance.

Take care and thanks for a slice of happiness.

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