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Discussion Forum

Topic: Ham radio operators
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09-07-2009 10:08:29

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Those on here that are hams will appreciate this.

For those that are not hams, a hamfest is a gathering where new and used equipment is sold, tests are given, and you get a chance to meet people you talk to on the air.

The biggest and possibly oldest hamfest in much of the Southeast is held Labor day weekend at Shelby, NC. For years it has been held at the Shelby fairgrounds. Two years ago the powers that be decided to drastically increase the rent on the fairgrounds to the point that the local club couldn't pay and still charge a reasonable admission. Thousands of hams attend and provide business to resturants, motels, etc. The radio club found another venue about 20 miles away and signed a 5 year contract with them. Turns out the county had hired a management firm which set about jacking up the rents. When the local businesses heard about the whole thing they were livid and there is talk about replacing the county council chairman. The county asked the club to bring back the hamfest at the old rates, but were told politely that the club had signed a 5 year contract with the other place. This year attendance at the new place was large and it is a better facility, I'm told, though I didn't attend.

I think there is an old story about killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.



09-08-2009 11:39:10

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Kinda like why business is leaving the US for China.



09-07-2009 15:36:36

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At a hamfest this spring, held at a high school, a couple fellows were seriously injured due to negligent maintenance. Seems the school wanted to keep ragged tarps over the gym floor, and a couple of fellows tripped and fell. Had to be ambulanced out. Neither the ham club or the school has taken responsibility, and was a costly hospital visit for my friend. Word has been that this particular hamfest is done. It could as well been any other type of gathering, but the moral is that there is some responsibility to provide a safe venue for your gathering. de WB8VWK

George in TX

09-07-2009 16:19:25

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QRZ? Ray I'd be very careful of posting your callsign on a public forum. I can take that to a site on the internet and learn your name and address and even find GPS coordinates to your location. If you're ok with that info being made public then I'm wasting my time but out of respect for a fellow Ham I wanted to issue the warning.

Some time ago I posted my callsign as XX5OU. You asked what country I was in but I didn't respond. I won't reveal the prefix but will tell you that's a 2x2 Advanced call issued in the U.S. and is about 35 years old.

You're about 63 years old right?


Red Dave

09-07-2009 14:35:06

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Been one for 30 years, but haven't been active for quite awhile.

There used to be several good Hamfests in this area, but I haven't heard of one being held for several years.

Cold Beer

09-07-2009 13:33:19

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Can you email me at Wondering what it takes to get into this ham radio stuff.


09-07-2009 14:47:41

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email sent.



09-07-2009 11:59:57

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everyone thinks they have a goldmine.


09-07-2009 11:57:13

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Gene Autry said it best in a WWII song about unpatriotic Americans. In which he states, "Don't be like the Cur in the story, Don't bite the hand that's feeding you".

I'll bet that outside management firm was paid aplenty for decreasing Shelby's revenue.


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