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Discussion Forum

Topic: Psycho
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Vaca Roja

09-07-2009 21:37:33

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As I have for the last 20+ years, I spent the Labor Day weekend timing the Cortez High School rodeo. The lower (rough stock) arena is set up so that to get to the announcer's stand, you have to walk through the pens. Saturday morning, the crew was sorting bulls when I there, so I stood there watching and waiting until they had a break in the action and there was not a bull in the pen directly under the crows nest. One of our FFA officers, Tyrell, works for the stock contractor and was in the pen to the right of the path I needed to take. As I started across the pen, he looked up and warned me that "Psycho is in a bad mood, watch him."
Great. Which bull is Psycho? All of a sudden, I knew. He was that huge yellow bull that rushed past Tyrell, blew snot at me and bellered "BAOOOOOL". Even though there was a 7' welded steel fence between us, the blood in my veins turned to ice. It is a good thing I had visited the ladies' room right before going to the arena!

Saturday evening I had to go down and close up the windows on the announcer's stand and shut off the lights to the arena. Since the stock contractor was also putting on the bull riding at the Ignacio Motorcycle Rally, the only bulls left in Cortez were Psycho and another yellow bull. They were both lying down when I went past them to shut everything up, but as I came down the stairs, they both stood up and started their little snorts that say they don't like being disturbed. Jeez, I was across the fence, a good 20' away from them at the closest. What the heck was their problem? They never moved, just stood there watching me, and I most definitely kept them in my peripheral vision, never looking directly at them so they could think I was challenging them. Yep, I will admit that Phycho has psyched me out!

I took this picture with my cell phone this morning as the pick-up men were bringing him back to the catch pen after throwing his rider. Just for comparison values, the cowboy on the left is a little over 6' tall and the cowboy right behind the bull is a little taller than me, so I will guess him to be 5'8" and weighs probably 150#.

Wylie Kyote

09-07-2009 22:27:39

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Hi VR. Do you remember a redeo bull by the name of "chainsaw"? Chainsaw came from a ranch (cattle station) next to where my brother in-law lived.


09-07-2009 21:48:03

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The stock contractor has a really pretty new bull and asked us for name suggestions, since the one he came up with couldn't really be said over the sound system. This bull is white with black spots, but his most unique feature is that he has perfect black hearts on both sides of his rear end, about 6 inches ahead of his tail and a foot down from his spine. They are identical and in the same spot on both sides. I tried to get a picture of him, but they all came out so fuzzy that you couldn't tell what he looks like. He is a strong bucker, so needs a macho name.

Names we came up with are: Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest, Valentine, Lover Boy

Any ideas?


09-08-2009 09:16:56

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How about "Heartbreaker"?

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