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Discussion Forum

Topic: Tree planting
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09-08-2009 18:22:42

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North Texas. When is the best time to plant pecan, apple, peach and cherry trees? What kind of fertilizer to mix in the hole?


09-09-2009 17:07:34

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We use to put the peach whips out in the dead of winter. No fertilizer. Water if you can't catch the rains.


09-09-2009 06:07:43

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Bare root trees should be planted in late fall
after they are dormant.Potted trees can be planted anytime, but spring or fall is better.
I usually prune about 1/3 off the trees when I plant them.


09-08-2009 21:06:57

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Re apple trees: Stella Otto's book "The BackYard Orchardist" might be helpful and for anyone just plain interested in apples, "The New Book of Apples" by Joan Morgan & Alison Richards ought to be fun reading. Good luck with the trees. Mark.


09-08-2009 23:13:35

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It's 1:00am & I can't sleep. When my father & I planted apple trees, around 1988 (drought year), he would soak the apple tree roots in water for an hour or so before planting. Then we'd water them in well and keep watering them from time to time (like every 5 days or so)- sensible watering. We did put a little composted cow manure in each hole, but that probably could have been left out.
Some Springs, I put a little fertilizer around the drip line of the trees. Egg shells can help apple trees with blooming, I've heard. Some nurseries sell fruit tree fertilizer spikes, or special balanced fertilizer for fruit trees, but I haven't tried them.
All our trees got off to a good start, but I've lost 3 over the years: a Wealthy, a Honeycrisp and a Duchess. Now I have about sixteen semi-dwarf trees left, and I value each one, even if they don't produce much. Mark.


09-08-2009 20:29:39

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Fall or early winter, never tried dead of winter, but it would work. No fertilizer.

dig a hole like thurlow says.

Gene (6,000 and still planting)


09-08-2009 19:42:53

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Usta have 17 acres of peaches and a few of apples and pears; we always planted in the dead of Winter (January or February in West Tennessee). Make sure you get ALL the air pockets out of the hole/from around the ruets; we dug 'em large enough to easily get both feet down in there. We never put any fertlizer in the hole. YEMV.......


09-09-2009 02:09:43

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when dormant ,,late fall early spring,winter.
i have put horse poop in with them.....more important is to figure how much shade will be there 10years from now...the apples will need mowed around at least once a year. read lots before you do tall will the pecan get and such stuff....

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