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Discussion Forum

Topic: Fuit pectin for arthritis?
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Lightening Bug

09-09-2009 12:01:26

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Went to and the following was posted.

"Old 07-06-2009, 10:37 AM
Bushman Bushman is offline
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Default Joint pain or pectin?
"It is the closest thing to a miracle that I have ever seen!"

Those were the exact words of my fishing buddy about how his wife has been cured of her shoulder, hip and knee joint pain. He went on to say that she had been getting cortisone shots every so often to help alleviate her joint discomfort. Then she got talking to some people and they recommended that she try some fruit pectin in a fruit juice mixture. Inside of two days she was pain free and has not needed a cortisone shot since.

The stuff that she uses is called Certo made by the makers of Sure Gel. It is a liquid fruit pectin used for thickening jams and jelly's. She mixes one package of the Certo (there are two packages per box) into a 64 ounce bottle of grape juice and drinks 6-8 ounces of the drink per day.

I tried it myself and while I don't have any joint pains, what could it hurt? It sweetens the drink a little and makes the juice ever so slightly thicker, but not noticeably. I put it in the Ocean Spray cranberry-grape 64 ounce drink instead of the all grape because the grape is pretty sweet already. The Certo is in the Jello section of most grocery stores and will only set you back $2.67 plus the juice which you are probably drinking anyway. That is way cheaper than a shot at the doctors office. Just thought I would pass that along for what it is worth."

The fellow got several posts back from people who tried it and said it definitely helped them.

So I thought I'd pass it on to you folks too. It can't hoit!

Take care.

Wylie Kyote

09-09-2009 14:27:06

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Hi LB. Thanks for that tip. I am going to give it a go. I have medium level pain in some joints from years of working in the building industry.


09-09-2009 17:13:19

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Let me know if it seems to help. Told my friend Rose but she's leary of trying off beat remedies. So if it works for us then maybe I can get her to give it a try. She has a problem with her knee and foot. Makes gardening interesting, but she's like me, she goes at it anyway.

Think I'll try it too. Although it's subsided my right hip complains on and off.

Have to look and see what Pectin is made of. Don't think it's a partial protein like gelatin.

Take care.


09-09-2009 12:18:28

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I had an old co-workers years ago, that said that same thing, swore the certo was great for her leg pains.


09-09-2009 13:43:26

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One of the fella's responding to the original post said the same thing. Wonder if your body adjusts and it stops working in time.

Take care.

Sorry for dropping the r

09-09-2009 17:14:48

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That must have piqued your interest to know what the heck fuit was!

Be well.



09-09-2009 18:31:03

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Actually I read it as fruit pectin, never noticed the missing 'r' until you mentioned! The human brain just skims over words.

The pectin treatment sounds worth trying. I have not had any knee problems since I have been taking my Glucosamine daily but I will keep it in mind. It sounds like a delicious treatment. ;-)


09-09-2009 19:07:39

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I was taking the glucosomine too. But when I stopped I noticed a difference in how well my eyes functioned. They were better when I quit. Please remember because of my operation, my body does worked differently.

However I quit taking it as a preventative measure because of not being comfortable with the thought of it affecting my eyes.

Let me know if the pectin has an effect. I'm going now to look up what the heck pectin actually is.

Take care.

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