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Topic: Here is the article from below
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09-09-2009 12:47:41

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War is HELL

09-10-2009 07:04:02

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If your a soldier... have to be prepared to die...been that way since time began. politicans dont care though.

Errin OH

09-09-2009 17:33:39

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Just another reason I will never be in charge.

"U.S. commanders, citing new rules to avoid civilian casualties, rejected repeated calls to unleash artillery"

Whom ever made that rule would be given a side arm with two clips and told to go visit the Ganjgal elders in their mountain top little village. The next day I would setup a Army base on the Plato where Ganjgal used to be........


09-09-2009 14:01:13

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Thanks Ret. I just got through writing the following letter to one of my senators. I doubt it will do any good but, it is the very least I can do. I will send a copy to the other senator too. This kind of trash (the treatment of our troops) just plain grates my azz!

Dear Senator Casey,
I am attaching an article about our recent lose of four Marines in Afghanistan. Their unit was ambushed and their requests for air and artillery support were ignored because our military does not want to kill civilians there. I realize there is concern over some recent mistakes made but, if this is how we are going to fight against terrorists we should just bring our troops home and severe all ties with Afghanistan. If our soldiers are going to be sent on suicide missions just for the sake of diplomacy, the war on terror is already lost. Here is the article.

We used to be a bold nation that stood for freedom and were willing to defend our own at all costs. That is no longer the case. We seem to have become a nation more concerned with how others feelings are being tended to rather than the safety and lives of our own troops. Do you remember your history classes, Senator and why we dropped, not one but two atomic bombs on Japan to end WW2? It was to save the thousands of American casualties it would have cost to win the war by conventional means. How many civilians do you suppose were killed in those cases? How many soldiers were spared because of those actions? What about all the German and French civilian casualties from carpet bombing cities to win in the European campaign? All this was done to save American soldiers lives. My God how far we have fallen to become a nation of cowards! We would rather send our troops on suicide missions in the name of good foreign relations!

I would ask you to address this matter by whatever means necessary to assure the safety of our troops. In my opinion, all the civilians of a dozen foreign countries are not worth the lives of these four Marines who volunteered to serve our country. I don't give a rats azz what other countries, religions, sects or orders think about us. If we cannot send our troops on missions and support them with every means at our disposal to protect their lives, we have no business sending them out at all. Please put yourself in the shoes of these soldiers on such a mission. What if you, as a US senator were along to observe that mission? Do you suppose the artillery or air support would have been withheld then? What if one of your children were in this position? Should it be any different if it were one of our soldiers alone or the President himself there at risk?

I need to close because some of what I wish to say on this shouldn't be said at all. I am livid about garbage, like this, going on in the name of "fighting terrorism" when it is political Bullshut!



09-09-2009 15:29:43

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If you go to the bottom of the article, ret provided a link to, you will see an invite to participate in a discussion regarding subject.


09-09-2009 12:51:45

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if that don't work, type in Jonathan S Landay and he will come up along with the articles he had written. titled," We've Lost Today"


09-09-2009 12:50:39

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if that don't work, type in Jonathan S Landay and he will come up along with the articles he has written. titled," We've Lost Again"

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