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Discussion Forum

Topic: 9/11
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Dave 2N

09-11-2009 03:26:47

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Let's don't get so PC on here that we fail to remember the significance of this day.

May God be with those who died and their families.


09-11-2009 10:05:08

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I have spent this morning watching a show on the events and survivors, police, EMTs and workers who worked for days after 9/11 on TBN.
It is an unbelievable tribute to all who died and worked on the site after. So touching, so moving, so real. It is still on.


09-11-2009 09:41:59

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So be it.


09-11-2009 07:58:56

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Prayers to God, said already, for the murdered victims of all.


09-11-2009 07:40:17

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As on December 7th, 1941, on September 11, 2001 a group whose sole aim was to do harm to America and our way of life committed an unprovoked, cowardly surprise attack, and lots of innocent people died. Let us not lose that context as we remember September 11, 2001.


09-11-2009 10:57:15

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Dec 7,1941 Japanese consolate messengers were kept waiting when they tried to deliver declaration of war before scheduled time of attack. They were in outer office before attack. Pearl Harbor was a military target, civilian deaths were collateral damage. Japan had ongoing dispute diplomatically with US, US was pressuring Japan over China, Manchurian army and stopping trade in some items. Churchill commented later that British weren't surprised at attack- pressure on a countries leadership has to be used with caution. Now that I've pi**ed off a few people regarding Japanese- Islamic attack on New York city civilians has been cussed at by some Muslims as not proper, Koran has a couple of verses defining proper targets in war and the attack didn't follow Koran there. The attack on Pentagon was/would have been a proper attack on miltary. Possible White House hit would also have been proper- like American attacks on Iraqui command and control targets that had Saddams bunkers as OK to hit even if he was possibly there.
Interesting point is airlines with El Al type security from 10 years or so earlier wouldn't have been vulnerable to the skyjackers- Clintons reduction of Skymarshalls and not allowing armed flight crews has been noted before. 9/11 didn't have to happen. RN

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