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Discussion Forum

Topic: Do you remember?
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Errin OH

09-11-2009 06:00:10

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I was driving the last leg of my commute to the office when the radio reported a plane had crashed in to the World Trade Center. No details just that a plane had crashed. I called the office and ask if they had heard anything. They hadn't and said they would turn on the radio. Just as I exited the car plane two struck. My first thought as I walked in the back door was someone screwed up bad. I mistakenly assumed there had bad weather and lost planes. Arriving at the office, I find it empty. Forty some odd employees where all gathered in the little customer waiting area watching the only TV in the place. When people started falling / jumping a third had to leave the room. When the first tower fell another third had to leave. After the second fell we started making arrangements for those who had traveled from all over the US (company meeting that day) to get back home. By noon the office was closed, 14 people in 3 cars began the long journey home.

Yes I remember,

I remember the tears shed that morning,
I remember the ghost like figures retreating from the rubble,
I remember the mangled remains of the buildings,
I remember the faces of those firefighters, police officers, and WTC victims.

Yes I remember.......


09-11-2009 08:08:10

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Remember every day and pray to God for the souls of the victims, both alive and deseased.


09-11-2009 06:11:02

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Yes, I was in sight of the smoke from that hell and spent the next months commuting with a steady stream of dump trucks hauling human-laden waste along route 80. Since I'm old, maybe I'll never have to see it again!


09-11-2009 11:18:32

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I remember, yes, and another memory that stands out is seeing huge numbers of U.S. flags being flown after that, in this part of the country. There were more U.S. flags being flown by homes and farms than I had ever seen before in my rather long life. Mark SW Wis.

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