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Discussion Forum

Topic: A word about animal control
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09-17-2003 10:44:23

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Animal control is not all that it is cracked up to be, at least in Illinois.

Neighbor's dog from 1/4 mile up the road spent more time at my house than at his and after over a dozen phone calls to the owner I got tired of it and filed a complaint with animal control. Two days later animal control is serving a complaint against me filed by this neighbor in revenge even though my dogs never left the yard. Cost me 2 days in court to get out of it.

I enquired with animal control how best to resolve this without another bogus ticket and they advised that the next time catch the dog, call them and they will retrieve and issue the ticket. Well, the next time was a Sunday and they didn't want to come get it on Sunday so I told them it would be locked in my tool shed with food and water and they could get it on Monday - no problem with them. Neighbor found out I had his dog locked up and called sheriff's office. I had a choice of either releasing the dog or going to jail for theft.

There will be no more dealing with animal control for me. I can deal with the occasional visit from a neighbor dog but regular visits will be dealt with with lead.


09-17-2003 20:45:01

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S&S, Shoot & shutup- if you shovel it is easy to prove if the mutt is found. Besides- the coyotes need to eat too.


09-17-2003 17:31:37

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I have two solutions to that wonderful community you live in:

1) Move.
2) Shoot the dog.

steve JD 4000

09-17-2003 16:52:53

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well get some chickens.. and put them outside in the open, if the dog comes and kill off the chickens just call the sheriff that the dog killed the chickens.. then the sheriff can size the dog!!


09-17-2003 16:48:02

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BTDT. Neighbors who had right-of-way across my land to get to their crappy trailer. Their dog got loose three times in less than two hours, and made a bee-line for my sheep every time.

First time, I asked 'em nice to keep their dog on a chain.

Second time, I told them in plain English that I'd kill it if it set foot on my land again.

Third time, BANG!

They called the Sheriff. Sheriff's deputy came down, looked at the dog laying there with his head still drove through the fence, looked at me, said "Nice shot" got in his car and left.

Well, actually he went to their trailer and explained to them that criminally, they didn't have a leg to stand on, but if they wanted to get a lawyer and pursue a civil suit, that was their right.

Other folks have had less pleasant experiences under similar circumstances. One feller I know wound up in court and it cost him several thousand dollars to defend himself against what was basically a nuisance suit.


09-17-2003 19:18:27

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Last time neighbor's pit bull came visiting, we managed to catch it. Made neighbor come get it. While he was here, I introduced him to my llamas, and explained that if he came round again, and started at my sheep, what the llamas would do to his mangy mutt. Also explained that I had rabbits in the barn that were worth more than his dog. He didn't believe me, until I explained "GRAND CHAMPIONS" and "NATIONALLY RANKED" Also explained that all his dog needs to do is appear to threaten my livestock, and I have the right to dispose of dog.

Dog hasn't been back.


09-17-2003 18:49:24

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Geez, Fawteen. You got way more compassion than I ever give you credit for. We had the same situation some 20 odd years ago. Never gave them the first choice. We started with your #2. They musta believed it because it was quite some time before #3 became necessary.
These "girls" went to a selectmen's meeting and complained that the "Bradleys were a law unto themselves in the Gore". The head selectman quietly replied "Sounds like they were well within their rights to me." We still LOAO over that!


09-18-2003 16:53:24

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here is some solutions1. catch dog and take it about a hundred miles from home and release.
2. shoot dog and deposit late at night in middle of road so next day it will look like road kill.
3. feed it a can of biscuts and see what happens.
4. bacon grease soaked spunge.
5. chickens you can shoot dog and make owner pay for dead chickens.


09-17-2003 14:39:41

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I feel the same way about the Fish and Game department of NH. If I can help it, they will NEVER know of anything that happens on my property that has anything to do with wildlife. They are not particularly interested in serving the public, especially property owners. Only in protecting their own interests. All I have ever got (and my father and brothers as well) from them is a hassle.
What they don't know won't hurt 'em.

They think...

09-18-2003 05:26:17

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That everyone is a poacher...They just haven't caught us all yet...

Same in VT...



09-17-2003 12:26:37

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Shoot straight, bury deep and lie like He))!


09-17-2003 11:11:29

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Just like below, S S S, and let him prove it.

We had one nosing around our goat fence line, running back and forth, clearly looking for a way in, at the time we had six newborn to two week old goats.

Dog? What dog? I didn't see no dog around here, oh wait a minute there was one...he was black and white and red all over.

Zero tolerance for marauding animals and irresponsible owners.


09-17-2003 12:30:46

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And to make it a little harder to prove, ever now and again go out and do some target practice. That way the other neighbors will be sure you're just out killing tin cans again and won't connect dog gone with you shooting. It works for me.


09-17-2003 11:39:14

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that has been verified by several of this sites posteers . and for some time now . live and let live . kill and die . simple

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