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Discussion Forum

Topic: Alright, I give up....
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11-16-2003 17:56:59

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What, if any, is the trick to candling BROWN eggs? I can do the white ones, but see nothing with the brown eggs. Yes, have used the dark room, bright light, etc. Anything I haven't done right? You all have such good ideas, love this place. Thanks. :-)

Tom A

11-17-2003 05:48:18

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Are you candling for embryos, or blood spots and deformities?

We candle for embryos only and use a very bright (might be halogen, never really looked) hand-held candling light held against the *end* of the egg so it shines through lengthwise. The end of the light is about the size of the egg, so no light "leaks" out around the egg and brightens the room.
Never tried, but I'm not sure I'd be able to see small bloodspots in brown eggs either, but since they're fairly rare we don't bother looking for 'em.

Tom A


11-17-2003 16:09:50

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Thanks Tom, I'll try is once again. I am looking for chicks. Trying to hatch a few for the daughter's experiment. The "big" day is the 21st and after. More than 3 days after that and they are out. Held two different ones against my ear and kinda "rocked" it and we heard something thump, so hope I didn't give it brain damage! LOL!


11-18-2003 07:50:57

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Our experience has been that incubating is harder than it sounds when you read the books. We had several batches do poorly before we finally got it right. And seeing chicks develop when you candle is tough...I don't see much of anything for near a week, though my wife is much better.

BTW, be careful about picking them up during the last couple of days before hatching so you put them down the same side up. The unborn chicks have to keep their heads in the air sack, and turning them around too fast can kill them.

good luck!


11-17-2003 02:33:17

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well there are a few other ways to tell if they're good: fried, poached, scrambled, boiled or basted - course you could add them to recipes if yer desparate - lol

all kidding aside, my sister has a neat way to do eggs in the microwave - she inverts a shot glass into a cereal bowl, sprays a shot of pan, dumps the egg around it and spears the yolk. that way you can avoid the mushy center & still get a fat-free egg sandwich :)

Stan TN

11-16-2003 21:33:10

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If you are lookin' for embryos you'll need a halogen light, nothin' else will shine through the shell. Alternative would be less oyster shell in the hen's feed. :-P

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