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Topic: Yoke
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Brad W. Wi

12-12-2003 09:01:06

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I'm looking for a place to get a yoke. The type I would wear on my shoulders. I make maple syrup in the spring and those pails aren't getting any lighter


12-12-2003 18:43:54

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we collect the sap in 3 liter soda bottles hung on the trees. Put a tube in the hole in the tree and down through the cap. We pull a sled or cart full of empty bottles to replace on the trees and just put a top without a hole on the full bottle to haul it back. Bottles are emptied into the kettle and the tops keep the dirt rain and bugs out. Can't imagine hauling sloshing pails of sap around.


12-12-2003 10:08:04

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Yokes for sale.


12-12-2003 09:43:05

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I have lugged a lot of sap in my younger days. We always had a bunch of sap yokes around the sugar house in various sizes and designs. I never liked any of them. My older brother used one but I always found them to be clumsy and cumbersome. I put more sap on the ground and down my boot with a yoke than without.
Might try a search for Bascom's Sugarhouse which is located in Acworth, NH. Wouldn't surprise me if that would be something they carried. But the best way would be to make a project out of making one for yourself. You won't be needing it for a couple months or so.


12-12-2003 11:40:35

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They sell lots of stuff but I don't see no yokes. Too old fashioned, I suppose. Here's a link if you want to look at their website anyway. They are the biggest maple producer in New Hampshire. And they are located in Acworth, not Alstead, which must be where they get their mail.


12-12-2003 09:06:55

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The following is where you can probably get one made. It's an Amish shop so you will have to converse through snail mail. I would send them a detailed drawing of just what you want and see what they say. Maybe ask for a quote. They make oxen yokes and the like. They may even have what you want in stock.

Clark Bending
Solid Wood Bending
Abe J. Yoder
1895 T.R. 152
Baltic, OH 43804

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