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Discussion Forum

Topic: About Les and this spelling business.
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12-28-2003 13:01:58

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I was taught to spell and puncuate in school. I also was taught to add and subtract as well as memorize the multiplication tables. I am not a very good typist and do not remember all the punctuation rules. Does that mean that all of that was a waste of time? I think not. I think what is a waste of time is the notion that some have is that it is not important for these things to be taught. Could it be that discipline is required to learn those things and it is discilpline that people are afraid of? No I do not read these post looking for mistakes and I do not read all of them. But I have decided to no longer sit back and not respond to the idea that these things are not important. Some of you have done very well but you would not have done so without discipline in your lives. I will agree that there is more to an education than reading writng and arithmetic but these are the basics and it seems to me that they are being ignored and that some are encouraging that they be ignored. As for Les berating people on this and other boards his replies to some of them were very civil as to what I would have said to them had I the opertunity to talk to them face to face, or if I had replied to there post. Yes it is a fact some people are whiners. It is also a fact that they have the right to their opinio. It is also a fact that Les or anyone else for that matter have the right to disagree. Have you ever noticed that in life some people like Les are labeled bull headed while other who happen to disagree with him are just standing by there convictions. No I am not putting anyone down and I do not think Les is either when he speaks his mind about some things he feels are important.


12-28-2003 14:39:07

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I was the very smartest kid in my school! I know this because I overheard the teachers talking and my name came up. They all agreed that they couldn't teach me a thing. So knowing that made me feel pretty good about myself.


12-28-2003 13:35:54

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I think it's important too, especially since the majority of the younger generation nowadays thinks, LOL and LMAO and GTG and TTYL and BRB and assorted other internet abbreviations are suitable as the written word.

My kids teachers complain constantly about getting essays turned in with computer and internet abbreviations on them! That's a whole new kettle of fish. Then they turn to the news and get WMD and in church they get WWJD. The world is turning into one big abbreviation. Pretty soon, learning to spell is going to be done in short hand. JMHO (smile)


12-28-2003 16:39:24

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Am I the only one here that is 'young' enough to remember 'NewSpeak'?


'Brave New World'

'Rocconnon's World'

'The Lathe Of Heaven'

'Animal Farm'

Words mean things people...Learn it...Know it...Live it...People have lived, fought wars, loved, and yes, died for words...

Take the example of this great experiment that we like to call the United States Of America...

Where would 'we' be without great words...The minds behind them...And our ability to convey those thoughts in order to better our standing as Men (generic 'man' meaning all members of our species, not just males)...

"I HAVE never met with a man, either in England or America, who hath not confessed his opinion, that a separation between the countries, would take place one time or other: And there is no instance, in which we have shewn less judgment, than in endeavouring to describe, what we call, the ripeness or fitness of the Continent for independance."

Thomas Paine...1776


12-28-2003 14:04:18

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I never considered that angle of it, Cindi. My kids are long out of school.
And, sid, you have hit the nail on the head. Thank you, sir.

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