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Kountry Life How-To

De-skunk a Dog
AMMONIA!.....Never found tomato juice worked, nor has anyone else who's tried it and spoken with me. You must use EXTREME CAUTION so as not to splash dog's eyes nor make contact with his skin! PLEASE read this CAREFULLY! Do not be a fool and read only the word 'ammonia' here, then run off and pour the bottle on your dog! PLEASE!!!

I have reared several long haired collies, and ammonia has done beautifully every time. And it takes only a little bit on a damp cloth to do the job....

Take a dry or damp cloth (please wear rubber gloves!). Put enough on rag to wet it but don't drench it! You don't want the cloth wringing wet! Rub directly on to dog's hair. You may need to give dog's hair a good 'wetting' but AVOID SATURATION as you cannot allow ammonia to get on their skin. You MUST NOT attempt to get hair thoroughly wet all the way through as you risk coming too close to skin. Simply wipe down IN DIRECTION OF GROWTH ONLY! After all, skunk will have made contact only with surface hair and not penetrated all the way through. If you have a dog that jerks around too much, then you're wise not to try this! My dogs have only been sprayed merely on their chests. So, this was a really easy task to perform (no kidding you!). If your dog has been sprayed near the face or tummy's bare skin or his bare paws, think twice about performing this unless you have an extremely steady hand and know your dog inside-out. Whatever you do, do NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE pour ammonia into a pool or tub and expect your dog to stand or lay in it. If you succeed at this and want to assure yourself you have not contacted the dog's skin, feel free to give him a thorough bath with water and his shampoo to put your mind at rest. But, if there's been any ammonia on his neck or close to the ears, you MUST take precautions that you do not cause the water/shampoo to run over his ears and eyes! Use ALL common sense! If you have success with this and want to share or ask more questions, you may freely email me at If you're not sure you understand what I've shared here, please email me for confirmation. Please don't interpret but follow instructions to the LETTER! Several veteranarians have guided me in this practice, but they all used caution with whom they shared this knowledge. Again, THINK!!!!

Barbara Burden, from CA, entered 2002-03-27

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