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Duck weed
I have been told it was called duck weed. It sort of looks like little teenee tiny lily pads up close. They can cover a large pond in a matter of weeks in the spring time and stay until late fall. Anyway, they make great fertilizer for growing cherry tomatos. Cherry tomatos is the only crop I have experimented with. I am sure it would be great fertilizer for most any crop. I had two plants, one with duck weed fertilizer and one without. Both got the same amount of sun and water. About 6 feet apart. Came from the same pack of seeds. The plant with duck weed reached 8 foot tall and grew bushels of the sweetest, juiciest cherry tomatos I ever ate. It also started to produce more, sooner and kept producing after the other one died. The one without reached 6 foot made about 1/3 the yield as the other but a little smaller in size and made good cherry tomatos. Looking at them they appeared to be two different varieties at first clance. I just pulled a wheelbarrow to the pond and with a bucket filled the barrow. The barrow had a few holes in it, this let the water out. Mixed this in with the soil. Planted a week later. Once the plant was upto 4 foot, put more on top of the ground around it( at this time the other plant was a foot tall). Oh, by the way I did fertilize the other plant, with the same cow manure as the rest of the garden. And the seeds were planted the same day.

Thomas S., from NC, entered 2003-06-01

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