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Kountry Life How-To

Remedy for Hart to Catch Horse or Mule
NEVER feed grain, pellets, etc in troft, box, bucket, etc. AlWAYS feed your 'hard to catch' animal from a nose bag that has a lead rope attached to the nose end of the bag. Start your conditioning (training) from inside a small corral. Put the feed in the nose bag. Now make a noise! Whistle or what ever. Just make sure that you make the SAME noise Every time. This noise is the dinner bell! He will learn to COME to this dinner bell. When he will let you, put the nose bag on your animal like you would a halter. Let him go hungry for a day or three, if that is what it takes! With the nose bag on, lead him to the far side of the corral, tack room, barn or? DO NOT TIE the lead rope to a post etc. Just rap it loosely or let it hang. Brush him and pet on him until he is through eating. After he is through eating, take the nose bag off and turn him loose in the corral. NEVER allow your animal to get to water while wearing this nose bag. The bag could fill with water, drowning your animal! a week or so, AFTER he is coming to the dinner bell and eating from the nose bag...turn him run loose in a bigger area and start your 'nose bag' training all over again! In due time, he should come to the 'dinner bell' and nose bag feeding from as far away as he can hear. UNLESS that is, he is standing knee deep in grass and just don't really care none about eating.

Hurley, from OK, entered 2004-04-12

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