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Understand Low Impact Logging
As it would be I am a logger who offers low impact services. The number 1 question I am asked daily is what is low impact logging. Well the simple truth is that low impact logging has more to do with putting property in front of profits. If you take your time, limit your cutting, and watch the conditions in which you take timber you can log with a low impact aproach. The second most asked question is what do you use to skid your logs? I always answer the best method to prevent damage or at least keep it to a min. I use horses, tractors, and my favorite....a combo of winches, blocks, rode, and a ATV. The last option requires more work then ever dreamed of by most but you can limit damage to a area by 1000 of times over the use of tractors or even horses. Low impact logging also has to do with providing a better place to both use and provide. Most times when taking a contract I like to ask the client if they would rather do a Management contract most have no interest as they do not understand it. Well to make a long subject short a management contract offers two very nice items to the land owner. The first is they will get a income over 5, 7.5, 10 years and some clients we have are life partnerships. The second is their timber will bring more at market due to the time allowed for falling and marketing. But something they rarely know or understand while in a management contract we thin, fertilize, replant, and otherwise maint the ecology of the woodland which we are harvesting from. Most choose not to take the route as the split becomes less upfront. Although the split is less the income is most of the time allot higher. The price of timber tend to climb bi yearly at a very fair rate. I look at it like this you could stick 65000 in savings at 4.5% yearly or allow us to better market your timber, improve your stand, and win a better yield then the bank.....And with a fair sized stand it could be repeated in 10years from completion. If you have any questions about this info...please feel free to email me at or or We are always willing to talk with people interested in our interests. Remember Tree Huggers we are not.

Keith Ratliff, from KY, entered 2004-06-24

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