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Kountry Life How-To

Jalapeno Lotion For Aching Joints
This is a good remedy for aches and pains, in joints and muscles. Have used it for years for arthritis pain in hands, and it is fast working. Suggestion; Either make it up outside, or have a fan on, because the jucier peppers can have a lot of fumes. Rubber gloves are recommended, but that is a personal choice. You will need a blender or a chopper (the little hand cranked ones works fine). One bottle of hand lotion, brand, size or price doesn't matter. I use from the Stores.. any brand seems to work.

If your lotion is 8 ounces, you will need 8 fresh jalapeno peppers. In other words, 1 jalapeno per ounce. Remove the stem, and chop the peppers, seeds and all, using sharp knife.. place into blender or chopper, whichever you will use.

Once the peppers are all chopped, add a little of the lotion and begin blending. Blend as fine as you can get it. You will need a cloth to strain the pulp and seed out. I use cheese cloth, but have used a cotton men's hanky, and it worked well.

Place the cloth over a big cup or maybe a bowl (like a nest) and pour some of the blended pepper into the cloth. Pick up the corners and pull together, and begin to wring and twist (over a bowl) to get all juice out. When no more juice comes out, discard pulp and pour more onto cloth from the blender. Once all juice is extracted, and pulp discarded, add the rest of lotion to bowl with juice. Mix well. Pour into bottles. It is ready for use. It doesn't take much to rub onto aches, unless it is a large area. Use as often as needed.

This will keep for years on the shelf. It may thin down a little over time, but will continue to work.

Surprisingly, the pepper doesn't burn, once mixed with lotion, and has little pepper smell. Once it is mixed, no special precautions necessary.

J B, from TX, entered 2004-06-27

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