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Kountry Life How-To

How to Fix a Runaway Alladin Lamp
When I first started using my Alladin Kerosene Lamp, it started billowing smoke (hence the title 'Runaway Lamp')and after I put it out I noticed that the mantle was entirely encased in a black soot. I threw out the mantle and replaced it with a new one. Later I found out that I didn't need to replace the mantle at all. If your mantle develops black spots or gets entirely encased with black soot, this is usually because you turned it up too high or too soon. Here is what you can do to correct it. I usually perform the following outside;

First, turn the burner down very low. This will allow the burner and chimney to cool somewhat without cooling too fast. After a few minutes, blow out the lamp. If all is well the chimney will not crack (old chimneys are more immune to cracking than the new ones). Once cool, take off the chimney and clean it with household ammonia. Relight the lamp and burn it low increasing the burn rate slowly over many minutes. The carbon should begin to burn off. Keep the white hot level on the mantle below the carbon, and eventually the mantle will be good as new. Remember, when burning Aladdins, always start with the burner set low, since it will increase on its on as it warms up.

KP, from WA, entered 1999-12-22

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