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Kountry Life How-To

Sewing Tip or Where to Store Old Tractor Mags
Time; Less than one Hour

Materials;A round table or stool, any size or height and it can be very rustic, as long as it it 'sits' level and is sturdy.

Tools;Fabric; thread; needle (sewing machine optional);yardstick.

A round table or stool or round table top with any base (even spaced out cinder blocks) to stabilize it can be transformed into a nice looking piece of furniture for nearly any room in the house and it will have the advantage of affording storage-hiding space for miscellaneous articles, from catalogs and hunting/fishing/tractor magazines to 'keep out of sight for Christmas' items. You can make a floor-length cloth cover in fabric of your choice and, if you like, make a shorter apron-like topper as well. Wide fabric, such as from a pretty sheet, is ideal, but you can seam together fabric of your choice to afford enough material for the project.

With your yardstick, find the exact center of the top of your table and mark it.

Measure from that mark to the floor, then add 1/2 inch to that measurement and jot down the total. If you want to make a shorter table topping, measure to the point where you want the bottom of the cloth to come and add the 1/2 inch (for a hem) to that number.

On a large clean surface, such as the floor, fold your fabric in half, then in half once again, making 4 layers of fabric. Smooth out, so that there are no unwanted folds or big wrinkles. Measuring from the point where the 4 folds meet, on the two folded edges. Measure outward to your required amount, i.e. 34 inches, for example. Mark it with a pen or felt marker.

Keeping your yardstick or measuring tape end at that original corner, move the measuring stick inward about 3 inches and mark another mark. Now, you do not have to continue using the measuring stick or tape. Instead, cut from the edge along the two marks you have made. Then fold the cut portion inward keeping the 4-fold corner as the starting point. Continue to mark, cut, mark and cut, until you have a complete circle, the EASY way.

This is considerably easier than tossing a huge piece of fabric onto the table and then marking a hemline as you would with a skirt or dress!

Finish the cloth by hemming it by hand or machine. Use spray starch to give it body and extra protection, whip it onto you new table, top it with a lamp and other useful or decorate objects.

And don't forget that you now have a handy hole in which to store whatever will fit!

Mrs. ShepFL, from FL, entered 2001-07-21

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