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Kountry Life How-To

Removing Grease Stains (Before Laundry Day)
I have to prep my clothes first if greasy otherwise they AREN'T allowed in the washing machine.

Grease as we know is a petroleum-derivative, water-resistance substance which can be removed only through solvent type or high alkaline type cleaners. Solvent cleaners dissolve the grease in the same way that turpentine 'dissolves' solvent based paints from a paint brush.

The high alkaline cleaners convert the grease into miscible soaps which are able to be rinsed away with water.

However, high alkaline carpet cleaners may harm the carpet fiber if applied improperly (don't ask!).

FOR CLOTHING;After a long day fixing machinery, lubing etc, I am pretty dirty (filthy) with wheel grease & other kinds on my clothes most of the time.

What works best is to put clothes in washer an add a two liter of Coke Classic, plus your laundry soap and warm water. Turn machine on and let it do the work. When done the stain is gone and the colors are bright.


As a first step, use the solvent/detergent combo method. Take isopropyl rubbing alcohol and apply onto affected areas just dabbing them with a clean sponge. Blot, never rub, with a clean towel.

The solvency of the alcohol hopefully will 'break up' the grease content of the stain. It is the no detergency (which avoids leaving residue) and the alcohol (for the quick dry and grease cutting solvency) which should give you desirable results.

If stain persists, mix 1 part dishwashing detergent to 10-15 parts water. Be careful not to overdo it or else you'll leave a soap film (stain) on the affected surface. Agitate surface with a fingernail brush or old toothbrush (not hers or the kids). Move brush in one direction with the stain and another direction against the stain.

Rinse and neutralize areas with a 'white vinegar' mix consisting of 1 part white vinegar to 10 parts water.

In all of these procedures, apply solutions sparingly and try not to OVER WET the surface. Blot area again with dry, white towel. Allow to dry for 15 minutes. Then, re-blot with towel again. Allow to dry completely.

If stain still persists, as a last resort you may have to 'bleach' out stain (at this point you have nothing to lose.)

Dilute one part hydrogen peroxide with three parts water, using same blotting procedure as above.

Finally, you can use a synthetic bleach like 'Clorox II' trying it at different strengths (obviously the weakest first like a 1;15 mixture with water to the strongest 1;1 with water). Apply carefully onto stain only with an eyedropper and wait 15 minutes before blotting or attempting a higher strength.

ShepFL, from FL, entered 2001-07-21

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