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Kountry Life How-To

Homemade Soap
You can make a crude hopper with a front spout,line the hopper with paper, feel the hopper with cooled ashes {I perfer hickory}, poor water in to the hopper, catch the liquid from the spout into a {2} cup container, you will have liquid lye [becareful], or you can just go to the store and buy red devil lye if you can find it. I like to make goat milk soap; if you use the red devil lye or driped lye becareful {I recommend saftey glasses} {Red Devil Lye needs to be desolved, desolve it in part of your quart of liquid} {1} cup of Red Devil Lye, or use your 2 cups collected from your hopper, 1-quart goat milk or water or cows milk it is up to you,add to 1/2 pd. of shorting or lard already melted, to the tempture of 105 degrees, add very slowly, add 1/2 cup olive oil, or corn, or what ever you wish,etc., add 1-Tablespoon borax, stir and cook all of this on low hear for about 30 minutes, pour into wooden containers, when it begins to look like thickened oatmeal, you will need to work this last step fairly quick, it will begin harden as it starts to cool, press the top to seal, cut when firm, let age for about 2 weeks, CAUTION; do not use aluminum or aluminum products in this soap, it has a reaction, and will turn your soap bad, I use a 5 gallon granet pot, and a flat wooden spoon my hubby made for me, it is about 2 ft. long, I have a wood stove I cook on most of the time, It is a 6 burner with a warming tray, and a water jacket, it has it's own place, on the deck which is inclosed and called the woody kitchen. Donna

Donna, from Mo, entered 2002-01-19

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